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Night. Not kidding. Tell you why Next 1075 Easy on traffic alert. All right. Any traffic updates, Give us a call at 806 821075 You're one of 750 forecast today. Partly cloudy. Scattered thunderstorms later on this afternoon with a high of 89 Tomorrow Partly cloudy thunderstorms with a high of 91 then isolated thunderstorms on Sunday with a high of 92 starting your morning off with some rain and thunder 72 right now. Either way, If you're headed to the beach, you got a chance of rain today and tomorrow highs in the upper eighties. Then on Sunday have a mix of sun and clouds. Uh yeah. Next picture I got right. Mrs Sennett clouds on Sunday with a high of 88. Your beach forecast brought to you by Corona Hard seltzer. You could go to one of 750 dot com right now to register to win a corona Hard Seltzer prize pack. And a $200 gas card. You must be 21 years or older. That's your traffic in your weather together from Planet Fitness Studios on one of 75 Crazy Al Brand Bellflower here, How does apartments dot com Find the most rental listings? Well, we used pigeons. Of course, every pigeon that you encounter is an independent contractor of apartments dot com. Scouting, high and low for potential listings. Luckily, I'm fluent in pig Latin. What does a two bedroom on the arugula Of fifth and Holland Avenue. Well, mostly fluid anyway, apartments dot com, the most popular place to find a place and where nearly 300,000 renters in Greensboro have found there's bright flavors. Meat, Beach vibes.

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