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So where do you look at teams you look at teams with a lot of cap space who can afford to maybe pay a little bit more for two years of an above average linebacker, and it's easy to look right through the Indianapolis Colts in Cleveland Browns because these teams with chiefs connections of who probably know just in Houston, and they have a lot of cap despair. Pete Sweeney of Arrowhead pride. Pete. Why wouldn't they just wait for the chiefs to release them? Do you really think there's a bidding war happening for Justin Houston? I think the trade happens. If one of these teams don't wanna take the chance of him going elsewhere. I mean, I think you know, I don't wanna look at Justin Houston say there's no value to him anymore. There certainly is it's just chief can't afford what he brings to the table for the amount that pay. So a team would trade him. If they say, it is, you know, this is just hypothetically fade is a race between the Browns and the colts, for example. Maybe you make the trade. So that John Dorsey doesn't get a shot at him. If if you're Indianapolis, and maybe that's worth a sixth round, pick fifth round pick to you. And you know, people look at these draft picks, and you know, the Chiesa hit on some fifth found picks hit late in the draft. I mean Termonde Smith last year became your your, ticker Turner. I mean, I know it's not a murder, but that's your ticket Turner and think he did a pretty good job. So these are there still value there. And and again, the value of these other teams is to send a pic. So he. Doesn't end up. Elsewhere. Let's get to what really gets Pete emotional. When you hear everything that we heard yesterday from Andy Reid about Eric berry. The fact that he is not going to get surgery was which absolutely makes zero sense to me if he's going to be on the team next year, and how that's going to be any different than what they dealt with last year because he had a lot of time off and he still had problems with the pain. What are you here? And what is your first thoughts? When you hear the fact that Eric berry is just not going to have surgery. I find that in this situation, and as it started out really unpopular and as time has gone on. It's it's it's come around come back around to me. I just think that Eric berry is in more control of the situation. People think like if a player doesn't want to have surgery the team could recommend it the doctors recommend it. If at the end of the day he doesn't want to have the surgery because he's not feeling comfortable about his body. He doesn't have to do. So I think that's what happens in the situation. He wants to rested more, and what's horrible about that. And what his is completely silly about that we've already tried this thing before I mean, we tried to it before you rested for more than one hundred days for mid August to mid December. And that didn't work and to go against what had to have been ordered. If you have anything going on with this has formerly like there was a clear problem that probably surgery could fix the go and say, okay, I'm not going to get the surgery. I'm going to be good. We're gonna try the same thing that didn't work last year. I mean that to me is a little bit. Selfish. Like, I I don't I don't and people people get me on Twitter. Like, oh, you hate Eric berry. I don't hate Eric berry. I hate the past that he gets in Kansas City for some for another part of his career that has nothing to do with this part..

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