Tax Rates, Europe discussed on The Laravel Podcast - Episode 44: I Like The CranApple


The command spark whatever the commend ms nightly or whatever and as soon as a really is super fast and super easy and it makes the charge you know obviously really quick to load because there's no they don't have to do any calculations at all of it is pulls the data strict directly from the database and throws in the charts so it's actually really really fast schedulers so good you we forget like how so good goods like a nightmare back in the day i for whatever reason i could never remember the sequence for a for the krahn jobs united's ridiculous i should know it but i always ended up reserves could remember that and then you'd had a ones where it was like to slash ten and you're like what had to divided by ten what was that again i'd always have to get a refresher because you don't write the krahn jobs enough you know usually have just a handful per project and then you never touch him again so yes schedulers so good yes absurd those are really cool feature that came about in a really roundabout way with all that tax mess which tax in europe is it's really a mess and i hope it never becomes that way the us do you think you've cracked it though yeah so basically in europe you have what's called this value added tax or vat tax wear starting january first or 2015 so last year there was a new regulations that you have to charge tax based on wear the customer is where the customers purchasing or stuff not where you live and that was based the idea behind that was basically to create this level playing field because businesses could incorporate in a country that had very forgiving tax rates and you know get a big break but with the new regulation since you have the charge where the customer is is sort of levels all that out were you can't really you know be and a tax haven so to speak with your european business and so the tricky part is there's uh you know you have to know where the user is and you have to prove you have to prove that that's accurate so what are user first size of your out.

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