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Through Saturday, he lets his assistants take charge. Byron Leftwich played with Antonio Brown. He is the Steelers offense. He was the Steelers quarterback. He's now the Buccaneers offensive coordinator Antoine Antoine Randle El is on that staff Antwaan Randle El played with Antonio Brown. Larry Foote is a linebackers coach on that team he played with Antonio Brown. There are a lot of connections there. There are a lot of people that can be a buffer. Between a coach and a wide receiver who don't exactly get along. Now a bee's on an incentive laden deal. You think for this season, he's gonna have to make plays to get paid. So somebody's gonna have to take a back seat there in that offense. Someone's gonna have to move out of the way and let Antonio Brown take over. I think what helps right now. Is that Mike Evans and Chris Godwin haven't been completely healthy and what this move does is it potentially allows for one of those guys When they're 50 50, it allows for one of them to take a game off. Because Evans has had ankle problems this year. God once had hamstring injuries in both of their case, They've been game time decisions just about every week. Very rare as had been where you had both guys available. For the game. So they can. Now I think the precautious this's about this isn't about for the Buccaneers go in 10 and six and just making the playoffs. Tom Brady's 43 years old there in this to win a Super Bowl. So if they got to get Godwin or they got to get Evans or they got to get both rest. They, Khun dude that now and be And know that there's a great wide receiver to take one of their places or to take both. So I think this is I think this this move doesn't have the potential for a B to go up there and flip out and lose his mind. If he doesn't get the ball. Of course it does. That that potential is always there with Antonio Brown. But The Bucks aren't into him for a lot of money. They're not making the mistake the Raiders did. They're not even making the mistake the Patriots that on a one year deal Where they had to eat a bunch of cap. Money. They had to take a big cap it this year just to cut him. This is it. It's a move that Brady. It will make Brady if it works. There'll be no doubt that Brady was the really like He's fought this in New England. There would be no doubt that he was the reason why the Buccaneers won the Super Bowl. In New England. He had to share the glory with Bella check and we've had internal We've had eternal conversations. About who's Who do you give more credit to Who was more responsible for their six Super Bowls was that Belichick was a Brady If the Bucks win, it's all Brady and I think he craves that. I think he wants that. And so Antonio Brown. For me. The last time we saw him played entire regular season. He led the NFL in touchdowns with 15 the year before that he led the NFL in receiving yards. And he only played 14 games. He's in his early thirties. He's kept himself in great shape other than the time he almost froze. One of his AA. What we almost froze his toes and almost, you know, had to have a foot amputated short of that. He's been pretty healthy, then he's not a guy that just you know, eats Ah cheese balls in the off season. He gets after it. I love the move for Tampa. I think they can win. I think they're In the driver's seat to win the Super Bowl. There's less competition in the NFC. They're fewer great teams in the NFC. They now have the greatest set of wide receivers in NFL history, and they've got the greatest quarterback in NFL history. Could it backfire? Any deal can I'm not convinced. Antonio Brown makes it through the rest of the season with Tampa, but it's worth it. 855 to 1 to four, CBS 855 to 124227 Antonio Brown Will he help the Buccaneers win the Super Bowl? Do you believe this deal will work out in the end for Tom Brady in the Bucks? Well, Antonio Brown. Be vindicated. Really of a career renaissance. Tom Brady. Antonio Brown established quick camp chemistry. Do you see them? Putting up prolific offensive numbers there? Do you see the Buccaneers winning the Super Bowl? You see this controversial move. Panning out. 855 to 1 to four. CBS 855 to 124227 My name's Angel. Fill a pony. I'm coming from the rocket mortgage by Quicken Loan Studios when you need certain in the home buying process with alone that fits your life Rocket, Ken Nebraska's just kicked a 22 yard field goal. They stalled. In the red zone at the goal line, and they are now trailing Ohio State 38 to 17 4 minutes to go in the third quarter. Five minutes into the third quarter. Syracuse is getting the ball. There are only truly Clemson by 13 points. Wild game there, Clash Wass. Clemson was a 48 point favorite. Some Some knucklehead made abet a Moneyline bet on Clemson saw this on the action network site. Some moron made a bet on Clemson. $8000 on the money line did win eight bucks. Eight grand to win eight bucks. Clemson's gonna win the game outright, No spread. Don't get that. I don't know what you think of the Antonio Brown move 855 to 1 to four, CBS 855 to 124227. Will he win a Super Bowl in Tampa Bay? Willie put up big numbers with Tom Brady. You can tweet me at the Pony Express like the name of this show pony spelled P o And I you Khun Tweet us at CBS Sports Radio. We will keep you up to speed on all these big college football games, but I want to hear from you on the biggest story in sports. Antonio Brown. Everybody was saying Seattle Some people were whispering Baltimore Tom Brady gets his man. He is wanted Antonio Brown for years, and he's going to get a second chance in Tampa Bay. Will it work out in the end for those guys will a B in tbe get it done? 855 to 124227 is the Pony Express on CBS Sports Radio. You get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks so much I'm going to have to speed things up. You could get the farmers signal happened that could get you up to 15% off your auto policy. That's just for using the app.

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