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To your friends talk history. We are new acquaintances. And when we spoke your research sounded fascinating and especially in light of the first episode that to talk history released which was anciently pandemics and sort of lived religious responses to that You give us a significantly more recent update although still quite old yes. It's still several hundred years ago. So alex your selection battalion. Studies seem like the perfect way to spend time in italy To do fieldwork. Did you get to actually go to several italian cities or was it more sleep based in london. Yes my. Phd is about a months in each of my case. City town semi pitch stephen smith on nuclear hysteria am. I was to florence because some associate all kinds of insurance and then i had to go to rhyme. You know these things such terrible hardship darn incredible. Yeah and i was really lucky because at the vatican they can sometimes be sniffy about emceeing manuscripts. That have been digitized. Manuscripts had not been digitized. Before i went it has since been did he us but i was just kind of sweet spot of this such ties ation program which meant i was not against all. That's amazing so you actually. It was the manuscript may was about fourteen hundred fourteen. Twenty something see this one. We're not quite sure so much. So and it's a companion it's about fourteen fifty so it's not just about the yankee. This is a connection of what we call. Nowadays songs of praise as a section front of about twenty bianchi laude and then this kind of six hundred and eighteen more loud enki. Yeah okay. that's quite a lot and was it in my mind. I'm picturing bellum. Is that the case or was it made on something else or so. I think it was polish. Men's said volume is the name for this kind of cpas. Snazzy parchment made of cars scheme and bryce parchment is more kind of generic tim for animal skin evoke mission super high quantity stuff and this one was not by quality. I think are of hodgman night. Yes parchment can be kind of goats sheep interesting okay. Was eliminated was just text and so we have. What's called decorated initials. M sooner. should manage gift is a historian an issue which means there's two kind of jeff and so it's v and then we're gonna vehicle you oxygen and as across coming on as well mazing. Yeah i think that one of the really looks like you know the whole crux whole jim harry potter and the jeep reading books like that. That's awesome maybe her inspiration. I think it was twenty eighteen..

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