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Via shark tank sunny fifty three tonight clear thirty seven tomorrow early son 55 degrees thirty seven right now in baltimore thirty finding clarksville 35 and pleasant valley and coming up on the news of fatal crash brings multiple charges from maryland woman and whether a check and you are a can you specify where you're were are in the last week or to have you give people to testify that you actually state in florida for the entire time now we will assert now organic centra moon those are a big theft than own ransom but will do in the summer okay listen federal appeals court is now spiked in ohio couples case how would you feel about this other federal appeals court saying you don't have jobs this couple i have their picture moved from online and used as the covers shot on a on a book without their knowledge and without their permission they filed suit this book is any roddick fiction book about a woman's desire for new england patriots star rob grun custody are called a guangqiang to remember these six the us circuit court of appeals has upheld a lower court's dismissal of the case they dismissed the case this if israel so what you know so your picture is on the covering this book union authorise it the book is one of those xrated you know bodice buster kind of things i guess uh and uh john ingeba role which is how they follow suit sure they say of your engagement photo shows them embracing was pulled from their photographers website without their knowledge and used on the cover of the digitally published a grown kinga to remember the couple's lawsuit describes the book as raunchy says her privacy rights were violated in other judges ruled they failed to show the companies were aware of any photo issue for the rates issue or that they had any liability that's wrong it is wrong that is just wrong you cannot simply grab an image of anywhere are they saying because it do you think the thinking behind that ruling is that because it is out there on the internet and visible for other people to see that somehow that negates any copyright the.

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