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Aplin. Sappy black his style of never been new. My goes back in mystic meg. Gut the suits. He aint backing down mitchell. What three point. Eight three messy precipitation. My cassie coastal point off as down. Espn app download now. Little guns and roses. On a thursday peter burns in for paul finebaum. Follow me on twitter at peter burns. Espn news coming earlier today. Tennessee volunteers going to be playing the syracuse orange. Twenty twenty-five that game is going to be played. And so now. What first matchup at twenty four years and i was doing a little research. They're like what a random. Just mix sure right of tennessee if you would've told me all right big announcement. Tennessee is going to be playing somebody. Twenty twenty-five power five opponent probably would have gone pretty far down the list before i pick syracuse. Now the kicker here is that it is the chick fil a. peach bowl kickoff and there's always that always but a lot of times you try to get an sec in an acc matchup so there it is. You've got an sec. Team and tennessee an acc up with syracuse. And i think last time. If i'm not mistaken i think they played might have been ninety eight and the national championship year. So that's maybe one of the reasons why it was seventy for danny. Whiten those guys to do it. So i asked you on twitter and you can give us a call eight five five two four two paul. What's the most random college football match up to schools. Could schedule because one of the first ones that came to mind is actually one that we get this year. Lsu and ucla. Like i love that one lsu going out west. We get that week one this year pumped miami boise state. I think would be interesting one as well. I'd love to see mississippi state and mike leach. Go back to where he was at washington. State actually is going to happen but sometimes too right. I mean my goodness you got liberty. Plan ole miss this year in the hugh freeze bowl which is going to be just great television so looking forward to those eight five five two four. Two paul is the phone number. Let's take some more of your calls here right now. let's go jim in alabama. Welcome into the paul. Finebaum show was up jim. Hey i'm sitting up in the parking lot at jacksonville state university here. My wife is professor here. And i was listening to you especially and the lately just that random matchup one about jackson state university here in alabama play and auburn. And i think that'd be a great random some year but the reason that i mentioned to your call screener and he is my cousin. Johnny how will john went to jacksonville. State university right after world war two and he made little all america. Now here's the story. He wouldn't i own a scholarship at auburn. Any broke his arm in practice and it took so long. He'll back then. They could just drop from scholarship and they can't can't do it by regulation anymore. Just drop you. But and so. He walked on at jacksonville. State university up here north alabama and made little all american. And i wonder you guys are paul Talked about stories like that where guys either dropped or he leaves the team because of discipline or any shows up somewhere else some obscure college and just turns out great. I wonder how many alabama or auburn or other big university and had lost like that. Well you know. Jim none right now come to mind of course right here on the spot. But it's a fascinating discussion because you know success. Not only just in college football but everywhere is really kind of relative to where you're at at the time right like an opportunity had all of a sudden. You had a quarterback who's going to be fantastic. But he's six of the depth chart might not have an opportunity to ever come to fruition. If i'm not mistaken. I wasn't i wanna say nemeth was an i'm gonna get blistered by eleven here on the finebaum show. But but when when broadway joe showed up it was not like. Hey he's arch manning he's the five star recruit it. Was you know coming into a different spot. And he had to play his way up. Yeah you're right. He was from some obscure place in pennsylvania. You know he was a yankee. Coming down to alabama and but pay wasn't that there's a guy playing in the pro now doing well didn't he. Wasn't he like third string any he left college in the mid west somewhere came down to lsu. This was just a few years ago and didn't he win the championship. He just hadn't had a chance at his school for some reason. Who am i talking about. I can't remember his name. But i know there's li Yeah there was a linebacker and it was last year. My goodness i. It was a generic From north dakota state who is a pretty solid linebacker as well. I know that he had he had He had transferred out. But it is an opportunity in jim. Thanks for the phone call. But what is interesting in the transfer port. We talked about this monday. When i when i was hosting is the fact that now with the transfer puerto being what it is and it's just accepted that. Hey it's no longer a. I don't really like transfer puerto kids or kind of transfers. They probably wasn't a good fit for him somewhere else. All of a sudden if there's a kid at delaware state that's great will he could use that just like a jacoby back in the day and say i'm going to use this to get right. Show get two years of film. And i'm going to show you that. I should have been recruited by and then all of a sudden kirby smart might say man. I'm missing the secondary guy boom. You're on the team. Or if i'm alabama man. I i got a fine. I gotta find a left tackle right or i gotta find this. Because of injuries we hadn't spring what's the best guy in the portal. And they get that opportunity. That's why i've said the number one teams these these one percents college football now with to signing days and the transfer portal and now immediate eligibility inside the transfer portal. Here in this conference. The big boys should never miss anymore. All i gotta do a select who they want. And that's gonna help the big dogs here in this conference earl is in florida. Thanks for joining. Peter burns here on the paul finebaum show. What's up real I'm just curious. why nobody yesterday or today has mentioned anything about Greg psyches comments about the twelve team playoff and matter of fact he said he stuff about the entire Playoff committee for the whole time and nobody mentioned it yesterday and so far today. And i'm just curious why aren't well or a. What was it about keys comments that you found to be interesting about the twelve team playoff. Hey said it was stupid. When he served committee was stupid or even thinking about it. I have not seen greg comments. That said such a thing. I would imagine me being pretty tuned in and unfortunately i cannot get away from phone dahlan on twitter. Pretty well that that would cross my desk at some point Because you got to look on mine. Alabama dot com It was written by scott is author good monopoly. Joseph in fact he was on my show here on the finebaum show on monday. I tell you what that is breaking news from it now..

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