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And the issue with parents to take their kids out of school to be taught at home was one of the most popular suggestions what coming up we'll speak to the one a listener who suggested that idea and we'll explore what regulations actually govern home schooling we'll find out why some in the home schooling movement think the government has no place to tell them how to teach their kids we want to hear from you you can tweet us at one eight live from NPR news in Washington I'm she Stevens around stop military general has been killed in a U. S. drone strike at Baghdad International Airport according to the Pentagon Qassem Soleimani was targeted at the direction of president trump has impairs Bobby Allen reports around supreme leader is threatening retaliation so the money let Iran's elite could force a branch of the Islamic revolutionary guard corps that handles activities outside of the country US military officials say sue the money was killed because he was developing plans to attack American diplomats and service members the White House says it was a decisive defensive action so the money's death comes a week after US contractor was killed in a rocket attack in Iraq US officials blamed and Iran backed militia democratic members of Congress say the sewer money strike was conducted without their consultation warning that the killing will ratchet up tensions with Iran Iran's supreme leader warns that harsh retaliation is waiting for the US Bobbi Alan NPR news the trump administration is imposing a temporary partial ban on the sale of flavored vaping cartridges and they are salicin Aubrey reports of many public health officials say the policy fall short of what's needed to curb the E. cigarette epidemic among youths the administration says the new policy aims to protect young people from the harms of nicotine while maintaining access for adult smokers who vape in an effort to quit cigarettes here is health and Human Services secretary Alex these are we are temporarily taking certain illegal products off the market if they are the types of products and flavors most widely used by kids but many groups including the American medical association and the American lung association say the new policy does not go far enough to protect teens the groups say they're disappointed that menthol cartridges and flavored E. liquids available in vape shops will remain on the market Alison Aubrey NPR news Washington Duke energy says it's reached a landmark settlement with North Carolina to secure the excavation of nearly eighty million tons of coal ash Celeste across CM of member station W. N. C. reports that that's on top of the more than forty million times that the company has already agreed to clean up the agreement means all thirty one of Duke's coal ash sites in North Carolina will be closed and excavated the by product of coal burning power plants is loaded with harmful toxins sure Martin of the state's environmental agency says the settlement is good news for people living with the threat of ground water pollution this means that the focus will be on the clean up effort and not a litigation Duke energy estimates the excavation will cost between eight and nine billion dollars and take ten to fifteen years for NPR news I'm celesta glass out in Chapel Hill North Carolina and from Washington you're listening to NPR news I'm KQED news I'm terrorist Siler a new state law is starting the year embroiled in litigation AB five requires employers to reclassify many workers now considered independent contractors as employees eligible for benefits KQ these Piran shoulder reports on new year's eve a federal judge in San Diego blocked the law from taking effect for thousands of independent truckers meanwhile one of the main targets of the law uber along with delivery company post mates filed suit arguing that the law violates constitutional rights by exempting some industries and not others UC Hastings law professor David Levine seems to be the heart of the issue is are these workers doing work that is essentially Cork to what the company does or not Levine says a lot of lawsuits are inevitable with legislation of this magnitude I'm Peter Jon Shuler KQED news San Francisco has reached a tentative agreement was some two hundred jail inmates who sued the city after the building where they were being held experienced major sewage problems in twenty seventeen and twenty eighteen civil rights attorney Fulvio Kahina says the inmates had to walk through raw waste and into our nose heating smells in their living space some for months at a time even if they need you even if we got rid of the water that's what you eat that's where you are twenty four hours a day the sewage Lee involved Canty jail number for part of the hall of.

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