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For a sham trial once again they weren't even allowed to present defence so so there is i mean persecution and violence intimidation coercion uh a national assembly members of parliament are not being allowed into the legislative palace so they can they can session in parliament um and so for all the talk that modahl has all his discourse of of how his suppose it national constituent assembly would bring peace a his actions are clearly um the opposite what would like now in caracas was as evening turns in tonight what would you see if we went out onto the streets of the city right now right now you would see people eating out of the trash out of a garbage in in middle class neighbourhoods uh all over the city and a sort of selfimposed curfew uh because uh although street protests have dwindled ever since the national constituent assembly uh took office uh there is also rampant crime kidnappings and and just the fear of of people close closed their shops a you know where it whereas got us used to be a vibrant city on any given weeknight you could go out and and there were twenty four hour open restaurants and and traffic and brighton cities i mean that's the streets are are mostly empty beit because uh a lot of people have left has fled the country also because people can't find spare parts for their cars um and mostly because people have have chosen to remain home out of desperation.

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