FBI, New York Times, Cambridge Analytic discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)


As i said that is that is red hot that will likely be the source of a lot of controversy going forward i imagine there may be more news to break on that subject even over the course of this evening if i play my cards right but then there's also this pertinent justice kind of apartment justice i'm i'm on the i met with them and i'm going to continue meeting with them for the next meeting not yet motor kyushu we just stretch in i think we just won't out didn't they keep in contact investigation i've been contacted by the fbi i've been contacted by the fbi last last night we talked about this new news that the data firm used by the trump campaign during the two thousand sixteen election cambridge analytica is now reportedly the subject of an active fbi investigation this story was also broken by the new york times last night the times reported that cambridge analytic has that the cambridge analytica investigation was being led by at least one cybercrime specialist agent at the fbi and a very senior prosecutor from the securities and financial fraud division at main justice the times reporting last night that it wasn't clear whether or not the cambridge analytica investigation was related to the robert mueller investigation in the special counsel's office but it at least involve main justice and the fbi well today that footage that you just saw was the former research director for cambridge politica for this data firm his name is christopher wiley he's the gentleman with pink hair he has recently become a whistle blower on that firm's activities he confirmed to report.

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