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I am okay it wasn't a superhero movie wear like the whole universe and now thanks and thank you movie bitches for that twominute mover review if you like the show and you wanna wear some of our emerge just go to t public dot com slash how did this get made or hd tgf i don't know you can find a tired of the we got we got to march store we are also coming live to dc sold out we're also coming to new york which is available now here this podcast will end in november a town hall only a few seats are left for a november shows a town hall get tickets for that on ticketmaster please remember to rate in review the show up big thanks to sam who is in here cutting this episode being a part of this amazing ear wolf team people that's all for me we'll see you next week four perhaps everybody i'm brandon johnson remembered ovens and we are the hosts of cracked gets personal which is a show where we talked to a wide variety of people about a wide variety of topics we're talking garbage men dumped here and in a row in oran dvd you can do in big at the head of the former human slaves he made off from the for other i eat the whole gamut of human experiences at houston like it delicious orange and mixed it with two kilos of comedy in order to make aid tequila sunrise of knowledge and laughter make sure to be around on august sixteen because that's when the first two episodes are going to draft and please please and subscribe.

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