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Paul Fishman is a self love, coach and healer on a mission to empower and inspire every living thing to love themselves. Just a little bit more for the first twenty five years of Paul's life. He let fierce it in the driver's seat. He did what others told them to do pushed his own happiness. Aside in never felt fulfilled. Paul hit rock bottom when he carried seventy five pounds of excess body weight and seventy five thousand dollars in credit card debt. In the inability to believe he was worth anything other than emotionally abusive relationships. He has since turned his life around lost the debt and the weight, and he now helps others with his practice of self love with that. Let's get into this wide ranging conversation with Paul Fishman. Okay, so what's Michael's drag name? We're not quite sure yet. We're not saying that we need to figure it out. So yours is what again. Tell me why by drag name is thirsty Espino of it. It's thirsty with a you thirsty and Aspen Archimedes finish in Spanish. Okay. So we can't do Susan Casseus like it's to panics. We were thinking maybe like the evil stepsisters from Cinderella, anesthesia Indra Cela. But I feel like we need like a very fiery last name. So you'll have to think of something with your husband on back to for. Sure. Thank you. I I, you know, I know you look forward to it. All right, palm about scandal. Navia. Okay. He's thinking, oh, you're still here handle scandal, navy, sprinkle because I'm looking at your GD crock shares at Scandinavian fiber sprinkle. But what if it's scandal Navia sprinkle. Okay. So a lot to say, like if you were to walk out on stage, I mean, like my name's scandal navy, spring coal. It'd be like, I just fell asleep, but I've had Michael as a neighbor so long..

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