The statues of two sports franchise


The statues of two sports franchise owners have been removed from their pedestals the Minnesota twins have removed a statue of Calvin Griffith from target field citing racist remarks from a past speech and the agency that manages RFK stadium in Washington DC has removed a statue of George Preston Marshall who brought his NFL Boston Redskins to the nation's capital in the nineteen thirties citing Marshall's resistance to integrating the team until forced in nineteen sixty two Griffin told the local lions club in nineteen seventy eight that he moved his Washington senators to the Twin Cities because of its sparse black population in from Marshall's legacy the Redskins team name is under new pressure not to be changed to derogatory connotations George was on a reporting what are some German city of Stuttgart saying that twenty people were arrested him for police officers injured today after a check for drugs the spark of tax on officers news and analysis of town hall dot com hi Michael Harrington

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