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I put his knee on a man named George Floyd snack after he was already


Policy Hallie right kind of like the masks in Minneapolis I guess you know the the the mayor it was going to mandate mascot was gonna be a three hundred dollar fine if you didn't wear a mask in the city of Minneapolis including people and children babies two years all anybody over the age of two had to be wearing a mask or they would get a tech now however I think masks are sort of frowned upon next if you at least if you're loading heart thank yeah how do we should talk about this story because this is by far the biggest story of the day and so do you mind if I start Greece's news with an update on this right so this whole story started when an officer police officer named Derek Chau van out of Minneapolis I put his knee on a man named George Floyd snack after he was already handcuffed and the man was a violent there was a violent crime he was charged with it was charged with forgery know any to a two trillion it didn't devastating incident really despicable and I just don't understand first of all it was it was incredibly ignorant of the person of the police officer himself but there is also other cops around who should have said get your leg off his neck once someone's hand cuffed the fight is over it doesn't matter what they were doing before once you have them handcuffed you don't need to use such excessive force and so that led to a lot of justified outrage over the death of George Floyd and then last night it turned into these protests which then kind of evolved into riots looting and looking

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