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Alabama, University Of Connecticut And Peter Manfredonia discussed on Doug Stephan


I'm gonna re Alabama mayor Stephen Reid concerned over crowded beaches in his state gives me pause to think about what we may see the next week or two when people get back to their communities are from vacation down the Gulf coast all of this is Johns Hopkins University shows the U. S. inching closer to one hundred thousand coronavirus deaths the World Health Organization warning there may be a second peak within this first wave of cases and it could come during the normal flu season hi Mandy Gaither reporting California says churches can resume in person services but the congregations will be limited to less than one hundred and worshippers should wear masks and skip the collection plate I'm John trout the potential for inclement weather is threatening to delay SpaceX's first astronaut launches SpaceX rocket is scheduled to blast off Wednesday from Florida carrying a dragon capsule two NASA astronauts to the international space station it will be the first time astronauts launch from the U. S. in nine years and a first for a private company forecasters put the odds of acceptable weather at about forty percent but that does not include the need for favorable conditions all the way up the U. S. and Canadian coast and across the sea to Ireland I'm bill Michaels a lawyer for the family of a Connecticut murder suspect pleaded Monday for his surrender as police involved in a multi state search for the twenty three year old college student continues Peter Manfredonia eight university of Connecticut senior is suspected of killing two people before forcing a girl into a car and fleeing the state with her that.

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