Dr Post's Rider on Unbridled Win at Gulfstream

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He is yet another late developer who may benefit quite a bit from a delayed and revamped triple Crown Dr Poster respond to urging size all over him with the tax rate top of the lane on the outside attack. But right from between Dr Post Doctor Post now up for the lead attack rated second let there be no doubt doubters best. It's Dr Post Uneven. Money winner that win. At Gulfstream in the ungraded unbridled stakes was the first time Dr Post had run a mile or longer. He'd run into sprints before that winning one this year and finishing fourth in his debut at Belmont Park last July and while his sire quality road one multiple graded stakes at a mile and an eighth doctor posts never wanted longer than seven eighths of a mile. So I'm pretty sure that when trainer Todd pletcher and owner Vincent Viola learned that the Belmont stakes would be shortened from a mile and a half to a mile and an eighth. They were probably not to dismayed. Dr Posts next start might come in the Belmont and Soda Talk About Him to talk about the return of racing in New York and other related topics we welcome in the gate. The man who has the best seat in the House to watch Dr Post his rider the two time defending clips award winning writer Iran Ortiz Junior. Tell us about all that. He overcame in winning that race at Gulfstream. Well he John Hord. I is learning by racist Green Green. Like I'd have to stay on him and but he everything's good in the behin. He wasn't bitching horses. I gotTA using monitor be to keep their then. Golly talk was the intimidate. Then we get through then. What getting now because he was seeing the horse. And what's more comfortable for me to start going because I can ride then. Finally when he gets. Put THE HEAD IN FRONT. You just take off like he got some work. Your go no yet can be a nice sort down the road will. You've said that when he grows up a little mentally it'll help him now. What shows you that. He's not yet mature in his mind. Not You know not Betty Serious on the do can feel it when do right. We'll fill their own horses. Datum care they. They know what they're doing he's Joan hordes talent but he don't know yet what he's doing you know he's looking. He spoke from the hotel sometimes. he running away from from the horse when he go by. When went to go by you look him? He's like drifting earlier so that mainly feel he's agreement. Nothing happen you just follow. Whatever I went through you know you raised it said Anita on Memorial Day you've run at Gulfstream and Churchill and will soon be returning to New York. How difficult is it to go through the testing process at each track to be cleared to come in and race? It better for you know like that's thing. I just really like three or four times. It's not too bad for me and I'm happy because like that. I'm okay to see my family. You know after I check from other also. I'm Don T my baby so I'm glad they do. They do hopefully they keep doing it their way to how challenging has it been to learn the different procedures that each track is taking to make sure that you follow all those safety and health rules. I looked a day. Should do think being roaming just enjoying sometime? He thought you're very very straight. You know I love it. I love it. They keeping rate start by just right there. I think it's better for heavy lady like that but I don't know why they don't do that but I wish they do everywhere. Now you flew back from California. Do you fly back commercial or do you fly back on charter flight? Commercial back how did you feel about that after having been away for a month because of the virus and everything yeah right now? We're not head to New York so I don't have any contact with my family because they're going to stay here up. Loria so that's why her you know. I gotTA START FLYING. Because they business. I don't want to but we are a work and you know all day precocious like we try to do everything we can to stay safe you. How has it been for you writing these racist while there are no fans in the stands we are we are we are because they fungible always there they always keep some extra you know good and we need it for the Sport Sports

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