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05-28-20 Polar bears caught in the middle


The National Native News Antonio Gonzales after closing in mid March to slow the spread of covid nineteen many tribes and Minnesota are reopening their casinos reporter. Melissa Townsend has more joe nickname either ahead of them lacks beautiful job ways corporate ventures said. The decision to close was a difficult. One Buddy says. The decision to reopen is even more difficult. It's harder because there's this fact that we will be increasing the same risks that we were trying to avoid by closing the pursue community opened their doors earlier in. May the shock of team at Walkerton suit community prairie island Indian community. The Red Lake Nation. And the Malacca envoys work bands of ojibway casinos are all reopening this week. Angela Haikus is president and CEO. The shot could be Milwaukee Ensue Community Gaming Enterprise. We are really watching and understanding the guidance coming from the federal government and the CDC different health organizations coming from the state of Minnesota. We also have our own tribal public health department. The scenes are not opening to full capacity. So that patrons can practice social distancing customers will have their temperatures taken at the entrances shock. Apy IS REQUIRING. Everyone to wear masks wall ax is not other tribes around. The country are also reopening their casinos. Jason Giles Muskogee Creek is executive director of the National Indian Gaming Association. Honest it's not without you take ups right off the Bat. I mean there's been already reports of employees showing up as symptomatic but they have the virus. There's been other reports of people showing up not wearing a mask. Jail says there are some tribes. Who say they will not reopen their casinos in the near future? There's plenty of tribes in South Dakota North Dakota Arizona New Mexico. Some of the tribe that just don't have strong healthcare systems on the reservation and our commute away from the nearest hospital their particular risk if the virus starts to spread here in Minnesota Tribal Casino heads. Say they will pay close attention to what's happening and adjust as needed. That was Melissa. Townsend reporting Minnesota's Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan a citizen of the wider. Th Nation is speaking out as people in Minneapolis protests. The death of George Floyd an African American man who died in police custody this week it goes without saying that no one should he treated differently by worsens due to the color of their skin and no one should live in fear a law enforcements because a color of their skin in grief in this moment is unbearable. Members of the native community are among those calling for justice and drawing attention to police violence against people of color including native Americans cell phone video. From Monday's incident showed George Floyd face down on the ground with the white police officer kneeling on the back of his neck. Floyd says he can't breathe an appears to go unconscious. Thousands of people protested in Minneapolis. Tuesday and Wednesday the Minneapolis Police Department fired. Four officers involved and the city's mayor is calling for the prosecution the president of the Navajo Nation announced what he says is good news and the tribes fight against covid. Nineteen President Jonathan Nez in a virtual town hall. This week said the curve is flattening pointing to health department statistics showing the peak was reached on the Navajo nation. In April Nez says it's due to a majority of citizens following emergency orders. The things that you were all doing Navajo nation public worked boy staying home. As of Wednesday the tribe reported nearly five thousand positive Cova nineteen cases. More than one hundred and fifty deaths and more than one thousand recovery's I'm Antonio Gonzalez..

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