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Kevin Corke, Switzerland And Jeff Paul discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Agence clashing with crowds of protesters outside the White House boxes Kevin Corke is there now to try to clear the area with the with the pepper spray and with the two of us to try to clear people I was a burning a bit as you could imagine as I tried to disperse the crowd and looting continues in New York City boxes Branyan as reports from so how we've seen at least a dozen stories that have been ransacked looting that is the big story this is a watch store Rolex signaled watches of Switzerland is a store in the front door here it is just completely wide open they broke the glass to walk to coming here they just complete taking all the merchandise inside of this watch store everything's gone and hundreds of citizens have been reportedly arrested in Santa Monica California fox's Jeff Paul reports what started out as a very peaceful and large protests through the street with the help of the police I turned into something completely different away from the message that many of these protesters were hoping to have the attention on police brutality and George Floyd and and other situations it turned it loading and this is a clothing store right here called wasteland down on the ground products with tags on them and this was a a bag over here boxes just to a CD of hangers empty hangers from all the stuff they took meanwhile Minnesota governor Tim Walz describes how many demonstrators are feeling one of the things they've been making very very clear they don't trust the process they don't don't believe justice can be served they believe that time and time again the system works perfectly well as it was designed to deny those rights and deny justice to communities of color and Associated Press tally shows at least forty one hundred people have been arrested over the days of protests since the killing of George Floyd America is listening.

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