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Joe Biden, Washington And John Decker discussed on Glenn Beck


Go after trouble makers in Washington John decker fox news Joe Biden says the president's rhetoric is moving the country backwards hi when you have somebody in power restock today under rocks right the presumptive democratic nominee holding a community event at a church in Wilmington Delaware the president criticizing Biden and Democrats in general in a series of tweets suggesting the radical left is working to get anarchists out of jail as protests have grown across the country over the death of a black man in police custody in Minnesota there's been hundreds of arrests during violent confrontations in criminal activity including looting and setting fires the New York City mayor bill de Blasio is hopeful we saw more and more the peaceful demonstrators coming to the fore establishing a different tone a different reality people who are from communities want change want it done the right way the peaceful way is more evident he says yesterday than in previous days but a curfew is being considered the city is just getting set to begin re opening next Monday from pandemic shutdowns new York's governor reporting fifty four deaths yesterday from corona virus compared to eight hundred and one day at the height of the outbreak America is listening parties your next fox news update in thirty minutes now your top local stories are on Twin Cities news talk dot com Minnesota news network on Scott Peterson a truck driver who was arrested after he drove through a crowd protesting on I. thirty five W. in Minneapolis has been identified as bogged invert Churko can advantage the trucking company venture co is an independent contractor for says it will be cooperating fully with the investigation Derek shop in the former Minneapolis police officer charged with murdering George Floyd has been moved to the maximum security state prison at Oak Park heights at the request of Hennepin county sheriff Dave Hutchinson corrections commissioner Paul still says it's not uncommon in such cases first and foremost you we have to call the situation second of all it was a large number of people could be booked into Hennepin county jail she also shop in is safe and secure at Oak Park heights shopping is scheduled to appear in court June eighth Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison and Hennepin county attorney Mike Freeman are expected to meet today and begin their work on the George Floyd murder case Ellison is asking for Minnesotans trust and patience is I just want to let the public know that we are pursuing justice we are is pursuing troops were doing to vigorously and we are pursuing accountability of but I will be asking for your trust because certainly some people want to know every single detail that we're working on we will not be able to share that with you and ten more Minnesotans have died from covert nineteen the state health department reporting as of today one thousand fifty Minnesotans have died from corona virus more than twenty five thousand cases have been confirmed in the state that's up three hundred sixty one from yesterday this is Eminem John just as here for homestead road are you overwhelmed by the very thought of selling your home then sell your house as is to homestead road simply take what you love and leave the rest it's that easy there's no cleaning there's no repairs there's no showings no realtor fees and no contingencies either it's literally as hassle free as moving can be you.

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