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The Day We Zoom'd With Katy Perry and Jonas Brothers - burst 39


Dana white who runs the UFC. He was having a press conference in Jacksonville yesterday and responding to an article that was written about him in the in the New York Times and this is what he thinks reporter. There's an article in the New York Times today. That was very critical of the execution of that guy. That guy what that guy thinks what he has to say or what. He writes good for him. He's he's pulling good traffic. The don't give everybody wish taking respond in a press conference like that. Why not? Why can't you something in the press conference Elvis? You're talking about this earlier on Tick Tock you could milk a cucumber and this is a woman describing milking cucumber. Who here has ever missed the cucumber? You cut the edge off the cucumber like this and then you start like rubbing together in circular motions. You see you can already see that white stuff coming out so I don't know if you've ever had a cucumber. That's a little bit

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