The Trader Joes Haul


Hey everyone. It's me Lisa Lillian also known as hungry girl. I am here very excited with Mikey and Jamie is. Excited to be here with us. Yes, I'm so excited for several reasons one. I probably sound a little more clear right now because we have new fancy schmancy audio capabilities so I probably sound a little more like I'm next. You guys on thinking that. I'm as happy as I would be. Next year. And I'm also excited because this episode. Wait for it. It's our first hall in months. And not gas any hall. No, it's a trader Joe's hall and I actually I slept trader. Joe's I bought a bunch of stuff. And then what did I do I? Left it on your doorstep. It was the best surprise delivery ever. We didn't know what you guy. We just knew there was a bag of traderjoes. Yeah so we've got a whole bunch of stuff to taste, which is super exciting, because not that I. Don't love the podcast that we do, but I'm going to be honest. My favorite ones when we try foods. Are You with me? I'M NOT GONNA lie. I'm I pretty excited about them too, and I think the audience loves them I think so too, and today's podcast is also sponsored. Do. You want to know who. You! Two hundred who it's also. I already know, but it's a great sponsor, so tell us wait. You already know Jamie, you really blueberries. Today's podcast is sponsored by a bean boom. I love that name, but are being about a boom so clever. It's really fun to say it is. Let's say that for the next half hour. Being okay I'm. GonNa stop. I'm really annoying I'm GONNA give you. The history of a bean bought a boom. I. I don't know if you guys out there. Know this, but the fantastic people behind enlightened ice cream that ice cream that were obsessed with that we love. They created these crunchy snacks several years ago. They're made from roasted broad beans or fava beans, which I was unfamiliar with believe it or not like. Are you a father of being Fan Norman until I turned? I only knew of them from that movie. fava beans with. The lands exactly well. These are like it's this crunchy snack. That is incredible like they come in one hundred calorie packs. There's like thirteen flavors everything from sweet Saracho, sweet onion, mustard, zesty ranch spicy was sobbing nacho cheese. They even have sweet flavors that are great to you can eat the straight out of the package like instead of like a pretzel or a chip and you know I'm obsessed with like salty. Snacks and their portion controlled and they're loaded with protein. They have fiber. They're good for your. They're all natural there Vegan I don't even know where to stop their amazing. They're D- best. I do not know how they squeeze so much flavor and crunch into those little bits of deliciousness. And like the thing that gets me so excited is whenever there's a product that I love. It's like I personally feel responsible if people are going to invest in buy something and if somebody doesn't love it I'm like wait. You'RE GONNA love it, but in this case I have to say they're running a special that you. It's like too good to be true. You get fifty two bags individual snack bags for twenty, nine, ninety seven. It's under thirty dollars for fifty two bags. You get all the flavors I think it's like four of each flavor. which is incredible, and so it comes out to like sixty cents a bag and they call it the boombox which is. So cute. We put this in our email. The other day and people went absolutely wild, I think they sold like seven hundred and fifty thousand just kidding. They sold Laurie. There's still some left. And it's normally it's normally already a great value. But you hit that twenty nine dollar mark with the forty percent off hungry girl, special right right. Yes, and they have to use code hungry forty hungry forty, so people go to being snacks, dot com, or you can go to Hungary Dash, go dot, com slash food cast when you see that link for the boombox use code, hungry forty and get free shipping and forty percent off, which is so cool, yeah? So, so good and I have to tell you Lisa. Do you know what my favorite uses for about you I bet you could guess for about about him. Probably has to do with lettuce towers so. It's like I can't even. It's just the flavor that it brings in the crunch. It's like croutons times a thousand. I agree with you, but my favorite uses just like stuffing them in my face. Dreamy which flavor do you go to? The I think. Is there a barbecue one? You want rbq. That's my favorite. That's my. Saracho. I Nelson like the sweet cinnamon on Yogurt on Greek yogurt. It's like I. I can't even it's so good.

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