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National Guard, George Floyd And FBI discussed on WIBC Programming


I'm Pam who sell fox news that from secretary of state Mike Pompeii a with many American cities smolder after a night of chaos cars and buildings were set on fire and storefront windows were smashed following the death of a black man in Minneapolis who was pinned down by a police officer's knee on his neck secretary Pompeii a was on fox this Sunday morning futures let me begin first by back pressing my personal condolences to Mr Ford's family and all the people to have been impacted by this writing in the violence it's not good it's a tragedy another the police officers actually there were important former Minneapolis police officer Derek Sheldon is behind bars charged with murder he said to be on suicide watch president trump is tweeting about the protest commended the National Guard for shutting them down so quickly in Minneapolis last night this as some criticize his approach to the crisis speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi says part of a president's job is to steady the nation she says this president has not done what his predecessors have they have seen their responsibility to be the president of the United States to unify our country and not to fuel the flame that in reference to a tweet some say implies that looting leads to shooting national security adviser Robert o'brien defended the president I think what he said about those tweets is that he wants to de escalate violence and doesn't want people looting both appeared on ABC's this week the president has called for a justice department and FBI investigation into George Floyd staff fox's colonel Scott the president is having second thoughts about the G. seven summit he wanted to host an in person event at camp David next month but because of the corona virus he is postponed.

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