Freelance Vets with Jay Sheehan


Talk with veteran j she, so before the break we were talking about remote work and I wanted to Move Forward and talk about what she gets. You're doing freelance vets. So what's going on? What's the state of the Union? As far as remote work these days because? Obviously. We've all been kind of forced into the remote work with Kobe nineteen everything going on, but before even before that happened, remote work is really been. Start has been gained a lot of momentum. There's a lot of legit work alive. legit jobs like real careers that are almost all remote and so with freelance vets. Tell us. What's going on in the area of remote? Working with those opportunities are for veterans. Certainly my pleasure while I, mean as you were just saying we've all been thrust into this now. but what we feel is going to happen. because as direct. Direct occurrence what's been going on in the nation and across the world is that we feel that clients and companies are going to be more dependent upon freelancers and remote workers than they were even before and to put into perspective trial last year or one of the reports said that. By the year twenty twenty seven, this is before co would happen by the year two thousand, twenty, seven, they they estimate that fifty three percent of the jobs in the United, states all be done remotely. That's a huge number of you want to actually look at it. Demographically right now. Already at the number probably or even higher other than you know the the standard jobs that you really have to be there for So I think it was kind of fortuitous that we open. When we did or launched the platform we did, but we're trying to launch the end of last year, but you know programming is expensive and. It's also a lot more than you ever think it is, you know. As I'm sure you can tell by doing what you do. For All these years, the technology changes rapidly end. You know, try to keep ahead of that curve is is daunting so we had setbacks and. Literally rolled out the platform above three and a half weeks ago, so we're excited that we're new. We're excited that we're going to be able to bring those remote jobs to the veteran. A military spouse community because that's what freelance at bets about it is literally a showcase spotlight. For veterans in their spouses to get remote jobs. There's other sites out there. That say they help veterans. Get you know remote work or freelance were, and it's literally a check box on the third page this one. were, not that we are literally only about active duty. Veterans in military spouses, so we'll be going after the same positions that a lot of those other platforms have but. Our bread and butter, or who were trying to promote the most is just sat one community, and we feel it'll be twofold. One. It'll open the community of the jobs that they might not have been exposed to you. Know and those jobs could be cybersecurity graphic design, I t h our accounting. as we were discussing offsite earlier would out virtual assistance. Any clutter jobs that are available that now. And more companies seem can be handled alway. Would that being said. The company's clients that will be bringing in now have a better taste for what works and what doesn't. So I, think it puts all of us in a better light because a lot of times when you're hiring a freelancer as a company, your ended up with a freelancer from overseas. Sometimes. There's a time difference which might be an issue. A lot of times, there's a communication difference which is always an issue so we feel that you know. With veterans in military spouses that. That should be taken off the table. they're going to a client or customer is going to get someone that. English speaking as a first language might speak. Multiple languages may still hold a top secret clearance or seeker clear. We come to the table with so many skills and soft skills that A. Normal employer! Can't usually translate. But now that they can see in front of them. I believe it will translate a lot better. I think it just puts all of us in a better light. So That's that's one of the things that were so excited about you know we're. We're just excited to build to shine a light on this community. You know the. The military spouse on planet rate is I. Think the last number I saw a little over twenty four percent. That's ridiculous. That shouldn't be a sick. It shouldn't be you know. spouses you know, get the crap into the stick a lot of times they're. They're following US around the country or the world, a lot of times in. The family together and end up working a job for minimum wage, just trying to make ends meet. In Latin overseas you know, it depends on what country you're in. You might be good job on on base or on post. Because it's US laws, but you can't even go work. The spouse can't even go workout in town. The rights illegal for a non citizen of that country to get a job. And jobs are there on Bass I bass hoods very limited so. Know. I was just speaking to another spouse day. Who? She said every time they get. PCS The I stopped the truck. Drivers are G and. Try to find out where the jobs are what they are and how they should go about getting. You know This is something that makes it almost completely portable. You know your. Employer and everything's done online and. They

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