Feinstein spoke to FBI about her husband's stock trades, handed over documents


News another major development on the hill today the Republican chairman of the Senate intelligence committee Richard Burr is stepping down from his position after the F. B. I. served a search warrant for his phone as part of an ongoing insider trading investigation tied to the virus pandemic FBI agents showed up at birth home with a warrant yesterday it marks a significant escalation into the justice department's investigation into whether the North Carolina senator broke the law with a well timed sale of stocks before the corona virus cause markets to plummet last month Burr's attorney said the senator followed the law which allows senators to take part in stock a trading based on public information meantime California democratic senator Dianne Feinstein has talked with the FBI about recent stock trades by her husband a spokesman for the senator tells the hill newspaper she voluntarily handed over documents last month the show she had no involvement in her husband's dealings Senate records show Feinstein's husband sold shares of the California biotech company allergy therapeutics back in January and February Allah gene is a cancer therapy company Feinstein told CNN back in March the company is not involved in corona

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