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Hey welcome back to another episode of this week in photo. I'm your host Frederik van Johnson in this show. It's all about image sharing galleries and wordpress. And I'm joined by Scott Widen. Let me make sure I don't butcher his name Kibbe wits. He's from the company that built this cool stuff. And we're GonNa talk about that stuff and a little bit deeper because I want to dive into the world of wordpress as it applies to photographers and Scott is a is an expert in all that stuff so welcome to the show man how you doing doing well. Thanks for having me no. I think it's the first time that you and I are chatting while I'm on while I'm wearing the image. -Ly brand usually. It's me as a photographer right when you were both at the time and stuff like that. So it's a little bit of a change of pace. I've always been at image immensely but now and now now it's center now. That's great man so you are. You're the chief community officer over there. What does that mean chief community officer? Yeah so I. It's kind of on the marketing side. I get to do things like this. Interact with other photographers with podcast. With youtubers with you know just do a lot of the interaction on social media and in person like I'm the one that goes to the conferences like photo plus expo and hanging out with people going out making photos and stuff like that so I to do stuff like that. I do the blogging. I have we have a podcast about wordpress four photographer so I hope that that kind of stuff right. So I'm I'm sort of the email marketing. It's kind of that. That guy on the guy who gets to your the thing I was hanging out with you. Get to be the face of the company. That's cool. Well let's talk about that so I have the tease. I talked a little bit about wordpress and galleries and all that stuff. So one of the reasons why you and I are having this interviews and you guys who you're about to or you have already depending on where you watch. This rolled out the ability for photographers to kind of in a way replicate what some other players in the cloud. Image storage space. You're doing like smug Mug and Pixie set excetera in terms of building galleries and assigning priceless to those galleries and allowing customers to come in and purchase from either a password or unpasteurized protected area. Which what you told me before. We even started that up until just now has not been possible. Take me through that. Because I'm one of those people I use Mug Mug. I still have my Pixie set account as well and some others And I'm a wordpress user. This week in photo is run on wordpress. Obviously be nice to have the power to have that in house to me. GimMe Gimme the gist of what you guys built. Yes so as you said Thirty thirty five percent of the Internet runs on wordpress. So thirty five percent of photographers are using wordpress. And many of them are using wordpress alongside something like smug monk and it's all good and well if that's what you want but for photographers. Who Want to do everything in one platform that they control? That is a wordpress site. You now have the solution to not only sell in and sell prints and digital downloads. But the prince you have the option to automatically had this refilled by a print lap and the first pre lab we integrated with is White House custom color. Nice and more will be on the way of course but for now. That's that's the only one that's there and the cool part is that yes next Gen gallery built on is a Free Plug. It has about a million active users. It's one of the most popular press ins ever. Definitely the most popular alary plugging is the fastest gallery plug in and it's more than just your typical gallery. Plugin display your photos. It has a full gallery management system in it and that system kind of gives you this it will. It definitely gives you the separation of galleries and not. Everything's in one media library folder. It's all separated and it allows you to fine-tune everything to put in different image tags. Which will import your exit data. So you'll have any keywords. What become tex which means you can create galleries based on tags? If you want we have You know titles and descriptions and things like that and when you the this gallery that you've created and you want to attach a priceless it so you create a price list as some prince from the lab. Some print options and we by default automatically pick the most popular prince from the lab. And then you can add more. You can even do at all if you want to destroy everything once and and that's your price list. If you want to add digital download you can do that and you attach that priceless to the gallery and you once you sell you sell your Princeton. You don't think about the part of come mattress. You don't have to think about The the the the printing the the the editing that comes after that 'cause you know you don't have to worry about replacing inks all that fun stuff on that. So you know like I said before having having been in being a user of these cloud based services the in this is a completely appropriate question especially for someone who's intimate with wordpress and and image making and how stuff goes but the word press. Yeah it's it's almost the defacto standard on the web for for many many many sites out there myself my my sites included but the double edged sword of wordpress is giants got his amazing robust community. Anything that you can imagine you can build and or configured to do but in my opinion or in my experience that's also the Achilles heel of wordpress because there's always updates and plug in conflicts and you know okay you. You're not really bill. If for me it feels like you're not really building on a on a stable foundation. You're building on a foundation that can reconfigures itself every now and then you gotTa make sure everything that's on top of it is good to go. How does how do you guys mitigate that with next Gen and Gal next-gen Gallery and the other services you offer so that if I do put my mission critical business and galleries up there and I have a bride? That's coming in that. Wants to see and by prince she's going to be able to see those and give me money so. I just what you said that that there's sort of this Achilles heel I like to say that We're presses amazing because it can literally do anything but it's also a sometimes a pain the butt because it can literally do anything from so so yes there can be conflicts with different plug ins. Yes you have to worry about. Updates at image league on top of potential complex all the time we get a lot of people coming in that might have a bug here and there and we have a team that troubleshoot said and and can handle those and we have a development team that is fast and we will address any conflicts or bugs that come up that are that need immediate attention if you're having if we're having a conflict with a plugin like you which has happened in the past then that's a plugin that is popular enough. We have to address it. We know that plug in is installed in pretty much every photographers website. We have to fix it. So but if it's if it's a conflict with the plug and then might have a hundred users total well that's not a priority because unfortunately there's not many people using a small amount of people. Yeah yeah so we have to go with with what is impacting the majority

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