Yeah, indeed, from Hong Kong on DH


Him. Yeah, indeed, from Hong Kong on DH quite a sort of forceful speech in Parliament for the prime minister about the issue yesterday, But I really want to understand how really misses and I wonder whether our listeners due to so many of you, I'm sure worked abroad like I have. We've got an immigration lawyer who's going to be speaking to us later. Quite knowledgeable on the subject, so he'll tell us you know how Really how easy it might be for Hong Kong residents actually to up sticks on DH integrate into the UK but also in terms of other big interviews that we have for you today, I'd be remiss in not saying that Ray Daddio will be joining Francine Lacqua later on today. Bridgewater Associates Co chairman interested to hear what he has to say about the Corona virus world that we're living in. At the moment, Roger on, then, also plenty in the markets. Tio consider this morning so Hong Kong shares outperforming they returned from a holiday despite the tensions over China's new security law s O. That's certainly something that we're going to delve into in a moment at the hang, saying at the moment by 1.5%. Maybe in the green in Asia. At the moment, the C S I 300 games 1.3% this morning. As for future be 500. Emily futures up by 1/10 of 1%. Your stock 600 So you're 6 50 futures. I should say, actually gaining significantly up 9/10 of 1% this morning. The S and P 500 yesterday rose for 1/3 day. The NASDAQ also hate a record high, so really shrugging off the concerns about the growing number of Corona virus cases in the U. S. The U. S stock 600. Also close the day up. 2/10 of 1% would get a bee Foods. The owner of Prime Mark sales results later on today, so a retail conversation to be had there. As for the bomb. Markets right after the FOMC minutes yesterday, you rejecting with the yield curve control these for now, 67 basis points for US years UK deck close to yielding less than Japan's for the first time ever, so that's something that we're watching on just in thie. In the currency space. The pounds jungle, 1/10 of 1%. The blood big dollar spot indexes flat watcher. Let's bring you some breaking news. Bloomberg has got a hold of coming across town. In the last few moments. The CEO of the company duet, the Investment Company, has appeared in a French court. In terms of that comics related case, It's actually the first person detained outside Germany. In that case. Yeah, indeed. So that's breaking news. Oversee. Gabbeh is the CEO of duet, which is the London based asset Management group. Yes, that's we'll beat you more details on that breaking news story as on when we get it, right. Let's cross over now. Live to Singapore. Where Mark Cranfield from the markets live team joins us this morning, Mark. I'm curious, too, understand. Why Hong Kong stocks are rising today. Despite all the over arrests overnight on DH, you know the significant shift in Hong Kong because of the new law. Yes. Good morning has a few people are scratching their head to make good on the other side of the world about this one. In terms of the local response. People who follow the ongoing market closely and they wouldn't have been surprised, but China passed that law, they would have had time to To adjust for that, And also there are significant flows of money, which they have this connect system between the Shanghai on the Hong Kong exchanges on there's been a predominant flow off money coming from China into the Hong Kong market. Look at some of the shares, which are on the up side. Today, people like 10 cent, one of the biggest Market cap stocks in Hong Kong is doing extremely well with very strong connections to China, so that's helping to keep hold of Hong Kong stocks. Doing nicely, plus the Rearrangements with his idea issues or people fundraise in that may have been pushed away from United States. Those Chinese firms are also coming to Hong Kong because see the Hong Kong exchange talk is also doing extremely well to areas where people anticipating more typos.

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