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ABC News, ABC And Glasser discussed on Jim Bohannon


J. Milwaukee from ABC News. I'm Richard Cancer, 12 states reporting both rising corona virus cases and rising percent positive rates. President Trump won't do it, Surgeon General Dr Jerome Adam says, where a mask if you all will commit toe wearing these face coverings in taking basic public house precautions. As the nation's doctor as America's doctor. I want you to know I have every confidence that we can very quickly see these new case counts go down. There are now more than 2.5 1,000,000 cases in the U. S road to the White House shake up in the Trump campaign, multiple sources telling ABC News. The chief operating officer, Michael Glassner, has been replaced by Jeff. The win the campaign says Glasser's role is shifting to focus on Kemp. Lawsuits heading into the election, But sources tell ABC News Glasser's reassignment is in part to how badly things went in Tulsa. The venue, which could hold close to 20,000 people, was only 1/3 full. ABC is Lionel Movies. Democrat Joe Biden, responding to reports of alleged Russian bounties on U. S troops in Afghanistan, the White House says the president was not briefed personally. The idea that somehow he didn't know Isn't being briefed.

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