New York to parents: Choose your job — or your kids


Is a columnist for The New York Post and a contributor here on Tuesdays to Kevin McCullough radio. Carol, You're not pleased with the approach that Governor Cuomo has taken on the whole well, just like it or lump it kind of approach, right? No, I think you're absolutely right that his not having skin in the game really matters here and the fact that Bill deblasio New York City's bear does, either it matters. It's better that they don't have to live by the policies that they're prescribing. And so, of course, that's often true for politicians. But it's really specifically true here, where Governor Cuomo for a long time wouldn't even open day camps, which is, you know, essentially daycare in the in the summer for parents. And what his comment was you? I wouldn't send my kids. Your kids are teenagers. I hope you wouldn't send your kids on Boulder. So, yeah, it's a real issue that they don't Have any kind of involvement in the policies of their pushing, and it's way past the time to decide the school should open and his light about, you know, looking at the facts looking at the facts. The facts say kids do not get this kids do not spread this. And we're really damaging a generation of Children just because we're so afraid. Not Only

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