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Tell me Take another break. We'll be right back. Wcbm traffic check is sponsored by express pros dot com on the inner loop. A crash takes the right lane after 2 95 and it looks like police activity has been cleared off the loop. They've reopened the ramp at Exit 40 for North Point Boulevard and on the outer loop. A crash was cleared at Route 10. Toronto I 70. Still your trouble spot you're on the brakes from Roxbury Mills Road over towards Exit 73 for Woodbine Road after a crash was cleared, and then there's a vehicle fire, but they've cleared the lanes West on I 70 between 40 and Route 17 and exit 42. Mother is the crash on route over on a Route 50 the westbound side. The left Lane is blocked with a three vehicle crash after I 97. Looking for an easier way to find your next job. It's time to get to know express employment professionals visit express pros dot com to find one of over 830 locations to help support your workforce needs on Daniel for talk radio, 6 80 WCBM Shake out and check into a deal. Riley Update with Bill O'Reilly really news, no spin every weekday morning at 11 45. On Baltimore's talk Radio's

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