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I welcome to gun talk nation this week. Gun Talk. Nation is coming to you from Columbia Missouri. Why in the world are we in Columbia Missouri now I haven't enrolled in the J. School at Mizzou Ashley with Gary Killingsworth from team, gun talk and Gary. We're out here doing some some media event stuff with American outdoor brand. Yes, so American outdoor brands. If you don't know them, that's kind of the inside baseball name for it, but basically they own a bunch of different brands. Twenty plus brands brands like Crimson Trace, Caldwell Wheeler Tipton yuck down, locked down and then stuff on like more hunting side like bubble blade who he man bog formerly bogged pod, but today's Guntalk nation. Is brought to you by how about that? Crimson trace also springfield armory as well as at and optics optics. We've talked about him a lot. night-vision thermal lots of different stuff that they offer one of the things they do are actually range finders, and the range finders are as were seen, and we're GONNA talk about today technology, changing the world of gear for us as hunters and shooters, and the range finder will talk to the scope and vice versa. pretty cool stuff they also have. Some night-vision products like X., and in different versions of the site that are like it's a it's a night vision scope, but it's also dave vision a really really cool stuff. Yeah, a lot of you can record your your shooting. That's always a challenge. I'll be honest for us. Was We're filming? TV and video content. Seen through the scope with a camera to really figure out what your is seen. Show you as always weird so. They've got that stuff to Take it to your eye movie and make yourself look super cool, so check out ATM. We appreciate all those companies for helping us out and sponsoring guntalk nation. So Gary. We're up here. In Columbia Missouri and thought we give people a little behind the scenes of how this works in you come from this world of putting on media events, so just give them the rundown of like. What is this thing that we're at why? Yeah for sure so? We're here American outdoor brands and There's a lot of different brands involving, so you're. You're doing media. What would what does that mean necessarily so it's we chance to come, and we get a chance to you know, get presented to talk to. You know all the different folks at work you know with all these other grand all these brands right and you know we find out what's new what they're developing. Some things that are coming soon that we really can't talk about the also one of the things that the companies will do is sometimes. They'll use these because they'll invite in I think we probably had I. don't know a dozen. Fifteen different media members that are gun, hunting related and. Different mediums in different mediums and print magazines, and TV shows and digital stuff, and these are end users these are the super users that everything so they'll use these events as a little bit of rnd. Hey. What do you guys think about absolutely and we'll give them feedback about well. We love this or well. The the place that you put this switch. Maybe you could swap it out or make it shorter or longer harder. Whatever you know just a little bit I'm not a product designer, but we are users, and sometimes the engineers are end users, which is really helpful. Sometimes. They're like wow. I never thought of that and. I mean we definitely run into situations to where we're thinking. Wow, someone actually thought of that. For sure you get wowed by yeah things that are being developed and yes, we kinda bounced around on this podcast and we'll talk about some of the stuff that we're seeing trends. Overall with all of these these brands, but also beyond this and and just a couple of other things. American outdoor brands is not really the known entity, but their sister company is Yup Smith. And Wesson and Smith wasn't owns Thompson Center, and they also own Jim tag, so there's the firearm side of things. and. So what we've been, what have we seen this week? That's been cool 'cause people I know that we weren't. We don't usually get into hard on the gear on on gun. Talk Nation, but we all like gear stuff. Oh, yeah, what have you seen that? It was kind of Neat Oh man, so definitely. The lockdown stuff I mean there's been a lot of talk about the puck. Obviously, that's a super cool. And there's so much possibility you can see kind of where they're where they're heading with the the logic APP, and beyond all that stuff. The vault door lockdown vol door. Yeah, that's kind of peak for you. Guys listen. Yeah, yeah, so I mean it's been talked about. It's not exactly a secret, but I guess it's really available maybe. Not Quite yet, but sued so the idea is. If you want to determine a room. Of Your House into a vault. And whether you build that in with cinderblock room, or it's just a simply. It's a room that that WanNa make secure and I'm GonNa make it my gun room, my safe room or whatever? Lockdown has a vault door. So if you think of it like the door to your gun safe, but it is a like standard size, real door, six six foot, eight door, and they haven't various sizes from like twenty eight inches wide to thirty two inches wide, and it's designed to be pretty much a diy. You put it in. I mean you and if you buddy yeah, because it's a, it's a steel door is a vault door. It's three hundred plus pounds, so you may need an extra set

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