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Healing Properties of Orange Aventurine: A Crystal for Inner Reflection


You welcome to the love and light. Live podcast empowering crystal lovers spiritual entrepreneurs to learn and experience the art of Crystal Healing. Get ready to listen in and join our crystal movement. Hello and thank you so much for joining me for the love and light live podcast brought to you by love and Light School Dot Com. I'm your host Ashley Lady. And this podcast is the number one place for all things crystals in today's show we're going to explore the healing properties of Orange of venturing a crystal for a reflection and you may be familiar with green of entering or maybe even blue or pink or red but warned. Just one of those. It's definitely less common. And it has some really exciting properties but before we dig into our main topic. I want to answer one of our listener questions. Remember you can submit your own questions anytime at love and light school dot com slash. Ask for the chance to have your question answered right here on the show. So today's question comes from Abigail. Paul Abigail asks. How do you make an effective drink for health abundance COM ETCETERA USING CRYSTALS? I'm worried about safety or toxicity. Several liable sources would help also can alcoholic drinks safely. Include Crystals while Abigail. Let's break this down in your first question. I so I'm point to point you to the website love and light school dot com slash blog..

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