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Kind of set the table quickly on what the guard is what it's not you know when I was in Iraq I was a guard a member of the guard but I was actually federalized other pilots and so I have two different conditions of federal and state commission I was better off under title ten the president can call the garden do that otherwise you are under state borders so the governor's your commander in chief even though I may be getting paid by the federal government so in all these cases where you see the guard that is a governor's decision DC is no different the exception in the reason it seems different is because in DC since eighteen oh three I believe the DC commander and the commander of the National Guard in DC is the president of the United States and the the army chief and so when now the only place in the president can do domestic law enforcement with the National Guard is in the district of Columbia with the DC guard because he is in essence acting of the governor at that moment okay so the and let me just change the new ones here and here you're in the military I grew up in a military family agreement guard family it's it is kind of drilled into you understand exactly how this goes when you're doing that it's pretty it's pretty complicated and I think people who are not familiar with that get confused by the difference between the National Guard and regular army let's let's just stay with the army for moment so in terms of using active duty troops these are people that would be deployed around the world to protect American interests those cut from fort drum let's say in New York or I believe they were also coming up from North Carolina from Bragg North Carolina can those what is your thought on using active duty military on the streets of the cities of the United States Meghan would be done with whatever isn't talking about the insurrection act in there maybe a couple other nuances to use it and when their use they can only be as not as the primary force but the backup for instance police and something like that and while the government good that president to be able to federalize the publisher of the national guard at that point but like you saw in nineteen sixty eight with the standoff when I think is present Johnson federalized both the guard and brought an active duty troops what's my thought on it it should be used very rarely it should be is if there is a request from the governor like in nineteen ninety two the governor requested federal troops because he didn't have enough guard and if it's done unilaterally by president it needs to be because civil rights are being violated the laws of the state are not being executed properly or can't be executed or there is a real danger and overthrow the government I don't think it's something that should be tossed around lightly I do think not now but I thought if this would continue you know for weeks and weeks down the road escalating then there may be used in the insurrection but they were definitely not there yet and there's plenty of National Guard to go around and some staple in their guard other states in this process and I understand that the the actual federal units that came in from Drummond Bragg are being returned back to those to those bases as well I just wonder as a soldier how those guys feel those men and women feel about that is are getting pushed into that because you know the one thing in here that the military is a big complicated culture within itself I mean it's not monolithic they don't if they're not a town of towns in their own thoughts about it I wonder how it feels to be expect not guard his guard can kind of expect this but but you know active duty guys being on the streets of of New York or DC as opposed to Mogadishu yeah I mean I think I I was a little nervous they weren't they're not trained in that like the National Guard is but you know and I I think you know my my eighteen nineteen year old you know active duty military police officer it's not something I will look forward to doing and I think though if there was a real threat to the survival of the government or maps and threat to you know the infrastructure then I'd be ready to go and have an active duty troops but I also think that has to be after you know guard units have been exhausted where the concern is down is that there were governors that it and still remain governors that when this was at the height of it would not call in the National Guard because they just didn't want to look like the streets were militarized and then I think we saw pretty quickly especially when Minnesota stepped up and brought the garden it does bring a sense of calm and and if you think about the fact that there's a lot of tension right now between the community and police officers there's not a point of tension between the National Guard in the community because those guard members are members the committee real quick there's a story about a gargantuan American somebody and come up to him and yelled at him that he's not from there and actually the guard member pointed together actually with a block over that way and that was a true story from I think one of the rise in the past wow and and that's true thank you very much congressman appreciate your time stay safe this weekend hours

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