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Washington, Carley Shimkus And Minneapolis discussed on Glenn Beck


Swift and fair justice I'm Lisa Brady fox news that's what Minnesota's governor Tim Walters says he expects the officers involved in the death of George Floyd a third night of protests turning violent echoing across multiple cities the ashes are symbolic of decades and generations of of pain of anguish unheard and Walter says order must be restored he called out the National Guard the president's been warning he might have to intervene getting flagged over one tweet the White House escalating its dispute with Twitter reposting a tweet for the president's personal account that the social media giant had just taken the unprecedented step of hiding because it violated the platform's rules Twitter use what it calls a public interest notice to flag the president's original post meaning that we will be hidden behind a notice that says this tweet violated the Twitter rules about glorifying violence boxes John decker in Washington the president warning that when the looting starts the shooting starts the White House says he was condemning violence the Minnesota governor also offering a public apology for this a CNN crew was arrested on live TV Friday while covering the riots in Minneapolis state police putting correspondent Omar Jimenez in hand cuffs along with his producer and cameraman I'm sorry okay do you know what I am under us or why it why am I under arrest police told the crew they were being detained because they were told to move and dance but footage of the incident shows him as telling police he and his crew would move forever officers wanted them to go boxes Carley Shimkus state police say the crew was released once their media credentials were verified the Dow has been down over two hundred points consumer spending plunging by a record amount nearly fourteen percent during the shutdowns in April America is listening to fox news W. conte was the second night of violence and.

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