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New York Police Department Officers Drive Into Crowd Protesting Death of George Floyd


There was a disturbing incident in Brooklyn S. U. V. apparently rammed into a group of protesters in Brooklyn last night that she has yet to be surrounded by the protesters with them pushing against the metal barricade against the vehicle than throwing bottles and traffic cones that it eventually the driver into the barricade the protesters blasier's reaction I've seen that video and I've obviously heard about a number of other instances it's inappropriate for protesters surround a priest police vehicle and threatened police officers that's wrong on its face and that hasn't happened in the history of protest in the city I watching protests for decades people don't do that no immediate comment from the NYPD or any word on injuries also yesterday one for the Catskills which are throwing a Molotov cocktail at NYPD van in Brooklyn she her sister and others are expected to face criminal charges in that

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