Jennifer Eberhardt - burst 11


There's a lot of conflict between community members of color in the police that you need to hire more black officers, but there's not a lot of data on it to to actually track to see if that's effective to see if that is causally related to viewer officer involved. Involved shootings and fewer stops, and fewer all of this fewer racial disparities, and so we don't really know the other thing about that is. There's a way in which police departments have their own culture. They have their own policies and practices, and so forth, and so I think you have to get at the root of that, not just sort of changing who the people are because people can come in to the police department, not really even have a lot of bias, but then they develop that bias from the work that they do in the kinds of. They have and so forth out. Never Forget. I met a man wants who was from Germany and he came to the US and just got a job at a police department. He wasn't even aware of all the racial dynamics in the US kind

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