Washington Warriors? - burst 15


To? You know talk about the great teams of the past you know. How is NFL films going to change the Super Bowl? Super bowl seventeen stuff. Are they going to take? Are they going to re narrated to call it The Washington football team? The Washington warriors now. They're not going to do that. They're not going to go back and rewrite history. I mean there's not a statue to be ripped down here. You can't go back right and and take, and what eliminate redskins from pictures, or from captions and newspapers, or you know people have photographs of the riggins run reds. Riggins Redskins to the title. By the way whatever they do I'm always going to have those memories. It's always GONNA be growing up with the Washington redskins and in watching them with George, Allen and Joe Gibbs in the heyday of this franchise. You can't take memories away. You can't take asteroid art monk in Darryl. Green and Doug Williams and riggleman thighs mini. He can't take take. A go back in like a football life special and take every mention. The redskins out of the the Dexter Manley football life special. Come on. They're not GonNa do that right now. I don't i. don't see that happening. You Know Hey I wrote a book about the team.

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