24th Century Chaos II: Set Phasers to Petty - burst 10


American listeners out there. Happy July Fourth I. Know This is releasing July third, so I just want to say that enjoy the long weekend and I'm here to happily announce our next series now originally I think on episode one of the TNG drama episodes I mentioned how we're GonNa do a quick side. Story relaxed episode. Episode About political commentary and Star Trek, and the more I research that I realized no, you don't Hindu like a relaxed fit. Fifteen twenty episode on this this is going to be multi episode arc, and so I think with the current state of the world and I. Think would be great time to highlight some of the awesome way. Star Trek as common in. On the political landscape of its time whether that's in the sixties or nineties or even today, with Picard in the refugee crisis ooh so there's there's so many good nuggets of information out there, and that's to me. Personally will make star Trek, so great is the social commentary gives an every episode, but a lot of episodes. They do so That's GONNA. Be Our next series and always remember on these Thursday eleven o'clock. We're GONNA. Do our Netflix Watch party every week just be looking out for social media on that you can. Can find us on Instagram at Mega Particle podcast and on twitter at a mega particle underscore happy reach out,

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