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Four will there be any sunshine in a Memorial Day weekend let's get the channels all the latest for the call it overall forecast choir everybody's Saturday morning in the great Pacific Northwest Memorial Day weekend kind of doesn't feel like it since may has been so elastic time wise with all of the social distancing working and schooling from home but it is here and it will actually start to look more like it today with partly sunny skies in mid sixties as we dry things out close to seventy on Sunday so even warmer but you know how Memorial Day weekends go eventually they tend to get wet that'll happen on Monday morning just in time for Memorial Day itself in the coming weather center I'm meteorologist you know Donna Edwards of temperatures right now for those seeking sunshine you would think of oily weekend he's from Washington fifty right now in Moses lake Spokane a forty seven fifty two overcast skies here in Seattle homeowners with Shannon says that would be since Saturday afternoon seven thirty five it's good to have you with us I'm mark Christopher and we continue our top stories here from the call twenty four seven news center checking numbers your Memorial Day weekend it is at least one thousand fifty people have now died in our state from corona virus which is six more than we reported twenty four hours ago statewide were up to more than nineteen thousand two hundred confirmed cases of covered nineteen since the pandemic began detest counties we gonna be from Washington is not eligible to apply for phase two yet in the county's directing everyone to wear cloth face coverings officials say everyone was Meryl has to wear a mask in public areas like the grocery store they also encourage people to wear masks outside when social distancing L. becomes difficult moral day weekend typically one of the busiest travel weekends of the year we're seeing a dramatic difference this year even John Nelson reports

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Bit of Roland slow traffic

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