How to 10x Your Headline Success Rate

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To another episode of Marketing School. I'm Eric Su and I'm Neil Patel and today we're GonNa talk about how to ten x your headline success rate. So what was a quote from David? Ogilvy Neil I don't know what the quote in need of your dollar is spent on the headline there. You go so you gotta right good headlines. And by the way when we do these podcasts episodes. What will happen is myself. My team will put it a bunch of ideas and Neil later on his ideas as well. But the key thing as we're working on writing great headlines We think headlines that you're going to click and that's worked out well for us right but I think we want to give you some practical tips on what you can do with being consistent with your headline and one of the things. I love doing what it comes. The headline writing is I love making swipe files. What does that mean so facebook? I might find an ad that catches my attention. Al-samet in facebook you could actually save it and save it to collection minds called ads that. I like instagram. Save it adds that I like. I'm just screen shotting and I'm finding the things that stopped me in my tracks and what I'm trying to do there is. I'm trying to take the template of what they have. So maybe the headline is five simple ways to grow your instagram to a billion followers. Or something like that right. That's a template and then you can take that template modified to whatever you're offering but the whole idea here is you have a Swipe Library of ads or headlines that I've stopped in your tracks. And here's your trying to modify a template there and then you're trying to test these different headlines. That's an easy way to go about doing so. Eric when we started this podcast than the David Ogilvy s for you guys were listening and it's somewhat similar real numbers it at ten people read your headline but only two out of ten will read the rest of your content in other words if your headline is appealing. You're going to get way more people reading your content. Most people don't hence most people stop once. Read the headline. They don't continue going forward. The biggest thing that I like doing see most people wanting headlines I think of keywords when it comes to Seo or they think about Click Bay Alec evoking Yossi because vocal curiosity. I don't really consider that Click Bay. It's more so it gets people really engaged and hooked and it keeps the follow through so more people read your content or take action. We your landing page potential even buy from you so when I mean by evoking curiosity. Let's have an article on the benefits of green tea. I may end up putting like the seven benefits of green tea number. Six will shock. You and I'll put number six will shock you in parentheses right and I would only use that if number six is really amazing and most people don't know about it and it truly does benefit them because if it doesn't and it's not that great then you're just using click bait and I find out everything that I've done when it comes to. Evoking curiosity has generated the most amount of clicks and the most Monday engagement than anything else. The hardest part is figuring out where people are super curious that you know the one engaged in read cool so I'm going to add onto a swipe library. I was talking about earlier. So if you guys want some sites that you can go to look at as and create your Swipe Library in go to swipe dot. Co that includes a lot of long form sales letters old school stuff to facebook library. That's free to use you. Check out what's going on there at beats that's a d. At there's a free version of it or a free trial. I believe we can see from Google display ads and in Land Dash Book Dot Com. You can see different landing pages so you want to start building at Swipe Library right now and then to point you. WanNa be evoking. Curiosity depends on the space that you're especially to be people like numbers people proprietary case studies that you can share so just keep that in mind as well. The other thing that you want to do with your headlines to is when you ride them go to five or six people and try to get their attention one of the best strategies that I've seen someone do. This was John. Moreau and I'm probably butchering his last name. But what John used to do is go to group of drunk people and read off his headlines. The one that got their engagement and strike the conversation up and they wanted to continue talking. That's the one that he knew was a winner. It's a little bit out there to do that. Strategy is a little bit of work but it's a smart approach because if you're going into room people who don't want to pay attention to you and you can say something that grabs their attention. You're onto something

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