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The so we compare old losses with new ones by the numbers for each day we're seeing a thousand two thousand people dying as if we're having a new nine eleven every two days like to say that's too low seven forty sevens a day maybe three a day of passengers would be dying that's that's what the corona virus is doing and I and I don't like it's the rough equivalent of thirty two hurricane Maria's forty three Johnstown floods five hundred and sixty five Oklahoma City bombing six hundred and fifty triangle shirtwaist factory fires with at least thirty four more to come by month's end but even those scales thirty two maybe to really take the measure this pandemic we simply have to count one by one Julia Rivera yeah so seventy three processing Gladys Hernandez seventy five Bronx New York Victor Oliveira sixty Bronx New York Mary L. eighty six cerita can thirty four on Wednesday a group of people who've lost loved ones and faith leaders joined in a twenty four hour online vigil called naming the lost those Casey sept pointed out in The New Yorker last week reading all the names of all the Americans who we know have died would take at least three days and that as soon as there's a list and the recent the city is a nonprofit news site covering New York City and

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