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KCBS sunny and warm at the coast but inland good morning on the Saint John here's what's happening one firefighter was injured in numerous businesses destroyed in a spectacular four alarm fire at San Francisco's fisherman's wharf earlier today KCBS reporter Tim Ryan tells us it's distressing news for the local fishing industry but there is one silver lining up to him get us up to date Willis this fire will continue to burn for hours it's likely it was just that large at its high point or a hundred and fifty San Francisco firefighters and fire reserves on scene at about fifty pieces of fire apparatus this fire escalated to four alarms quickly with the walls inside collapsing businesses inside consumed the historic World War two liberty ship the USS Jeremiah o'brien threatened for a time but saved a fire ladder truck effect the first ladder truck on scene ladder truck number thirteen was damaged by the heat or the flames it looks to me as though some of its electrical gear that operates that tall ladder bucket just simply melted so it was put out of commission and at one point they put some infrared gear in the water underneath this old wooden pier and detected fire underneath the pier did have some fire underneath the pier which we were able to address this to be directly underneath the actual fire building that we've been fighting since four fifteen this morning so firefighters certainly with their hands full all day long fire captain Jonathan Baxter says there is one injury reported one firefighter was injured with a severe laceration to the arm or hand firefighters will be okay it was transported to a local hospital four members of the liberty ship who basically sleep on board

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Crab pots offices vehicles forklifts ice machines you name it

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