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Stop Procrastinating


Angela pugh helping you get that sober life you want. Thank you for spending some time with me today and listening to the pod. I hope you are continuing to survive. Quarantine in maybe. You're even in a place that starting to reopen at least a little bit so we can begin the healing process and Start to see just how bad the fallout is going to be from all this today. We are going to talk about something that plagues all of us. I know you are struggling with it. I know I definitely struggle it and it holds you back from getting a lot of things you want in life sobriety included. We are going to dig into procrastination why we do it. What are the consequences of it in how we can stop some of? You may really be struggling with this right now too because of the corona virus in quarantine homeschooling working from home feeling stock. Or maybe you're one of the millions of people who will have to find a new job and that can bring up. Its own set of circumstances in some fear in procrastination but as we start to get back on our feet slowly. But surely you don't want to get stuck in this procrastination quicksand. You WanNa be on top of your game and getting things done so you can rebound as quickly as possible. That's what we all want. It's been interesting to watch as everything starts to reopen to see people's thoughts and opinions on what that looks like you know honestly for me. I'm not I'm not even sure how I feel about it. I'm definitely wearing a mask and gloves by you. Know Me. I'm in general a very mindful person and I like to be conscientious of my surroundings and the other people in my surroundings. I heard a statistic the other day and it was fascinating. It totally makes sense. You know they have said all along that the efficiency of wearing a mask is that it keeps from spreading corona virus from people who have it but don't have symptoms right in the other great thing about a mask is it keeps you from touching your face and I remember years ago. I think I've ever talked about this on other podcasts. I remember many years ago. I had a friend of mine in my AA group who was a doctor. And I don't remember exactly what we were talking about like in that moment that I remember him saying to me. He's like Angela. If you don't want to get sick then don't touch your face. He said it's just that simple. Don't touch your face and you won't be sick and it was like this crazy little light bulb moment and it made me super aware of touching my face so they say the other great thing about wearing a mask is it protects you from touching your face because really we touch our faces eight thousand times a day without even realizing it like. How often do you see someone like stick a finger in their mouth to pick their teeth or to of fingernail and I have to tell you guys just between you and me? This is one of my greatest struggles in a is sitting in a meeting next to someone who will spend the entire meeting with their fingers in their mouth chewing their nails. And all I'm thinking is like I'm supposed to stand up in join hands with that person at the end of the meeting and I don't want to hold their hand after they spent an hour with older fingers in their mouth. Okay I love you but no but anyway. What ABOUT ALLERGIES? Same thing is itchy nose you touch your face. A million times or putting on chapstick. That's a huge one for me. Chapstick addict you will never catch me without my favorite lips stuff. I them everywhere and I put it on constantly so I'm listening to to talk radio the other day and they played a new story about the importance of wearing masks and the person said they've been doing studies to measure the efficacy of wearing masks. Right to see. How much of a difference does it really make? And what the research shows is that if eighty percent of the population wears a mask. Our Corona virus cases would be one twelfth what they are one twelfth you guys. That's huge and I'm not a person that minds wearing a mask anyway. I don't really care it's inconvenient. It's uncomfortable but I don't care I'm happy to do it for the limited time I'm in public. I believe it is the right thing to do to do my part in not making a horrible situation worse I do believe keeps me from touching my face which protects me and I feel like it's just me doing my part. I'm responsible for doing my part. I also like many of you. Had Corona virus hit pretty close to home. My father where he works five out of the seven people. They're tested positive. Corona virus and several of them even had very different symptoms. And of course didn't think they had it in one of them had no symptoms at all. And that's exactly the person that needs to be wearing the mask. That's exactly the person they talk about with this whole mask thing. It keeps you from spreading it. When you don't know you have it so my father had to take off work in quarantine for the standard amount of time fourteen days when the first few guys tested positive one of them actually ended up in the hospital in pretty serious condition and a young guy to not like an old dude. He's a young guy probably early fifties. Then my father goes back to work and the one didn't have any symptoms was there and after that he tested positive so we had a whole new porn teens situation on our hands because now my almost seventy year old father was exposed again. Right after quarantining himself. I guess really. My thought process is more service right. You know I'm obsessed with service so my thought process is more thinking about others than thinking about myself like I'm not super scared of getting corona virus because I am a capable person and I am a responsible person and I will be responsible for myself. I will wash my hands. I will sanitize like a crazy person and I'll wear the mask so I don't touch my face in. I will be okay. I'm responsible for me. I will do the right things so I'm not afraid. I also want to protect the people around me in the grocery store or the restaurant or wherever I am and I want to instill a sense of safety for them lie. I want my fellow humans to know that I'm doing my part and that as much as I want to protect me. I want to protect so all. Wear the mask and gloves. It really doesn't bother me. I'm totally good with it. There are so many people out there too who are high risk. And you wouldn't even know it and I consider my mom a high risk person like I don't know if she would survive if she got it or my hairstylist. Who is a young person in strong? And she's beautiful and she has this crazy form of blood cancer. Right even know what that means. She's high risk and you would never know it by looking at her right so I just feel like they're all these people that are high risk that I don't know are high risk but I also have a responsibility to make sure that I'm instilling. A sense of safety in them to in those are the people I think about when I'm going out in public. I want those people to know that I want to protect them. Also not just me so you guys know. I go to breakfast every Saturday morning with my father. Don't ever try to schedule an appointment with me on Saturday morning because that time is spoken for me and my pop have been doing Saturday breakfast for about ten years. Something like that. It's eight ten years and anyway. This past Saturday was the first day that restaurants were open for dine in. I say this past Saturday but this past Saturday from when this podcast was released. Which who knows when you're actually listening to it but it was the first Saturday. The restaurants were open and we talked about it throughout the week. Whether or not we wanted to go in or just get food to go like we've been doing and at the last minute we decided to go in and just see what it was like you know. Of course we were our masks and we were heavily armed with sanitizer and honestly it was. Kinda weird like. They'd removed a lot of their tables right to accommodate social distancing. The entire staff was wearing masks gloves. They were all getting their temperatures taken There are no condiments on the tables right. Salt and pepper are only available in individual packets. And they're definitely doing everything they can to protect the public. And I wore my mask like while we were sitting there and ordering and I sprayed my sanitizer all over everything. The table my silverware my hands. My father everything is getting sprayed around me and really. We had a great breakfast. It was nice to sit there like I said a little weird because there weren't a lot of people in the energy was odd in. This is a really popular breakfast. Restaurant that is usually packed with people in loud. And now it's like Super Mellow and quiet. But what I know for sure is that this is going to be a long process of rebuilding. We will have another surge in cases as more and more businesses continued open. And I WANNA do everything I can to not add to the problem and that statistic has just been screaming at me since I heard it. If eighty percent of the population wears masks are cases would be one twelfth. What they are. I like those numbers and I think we can easily achieve that as we all do our best right to be mindful of mindful of this little invisible terrorist and do everything we can to not share him with one another and I think it's just gonNa be crazy time to to watch how everything starts to go back to normal. And how long will that take? And what will it look like? And how will we adjust? And what will the long term effects be not only on business and economy but on people in on our families you know we've definitely been through a traumatic and crazy hopefully once in a lifetime event. So that's all I've got on that note in moving right along. Let me give you a couple of announcements really quickly before we get into procrastination first of all you guys are kick ass okay. I love you guys. And it's so it's so exciting for me to continue meeting more and more of you. As the inner circle membership site grows and you know inside the inner circle we do to online recovery meetings each week and we'll add more of those as we go to and I love getting to meet you face to face in our meetings and get to connect with you in the private chat to for those of you who are members of the inner circle. I've started a private chat just for our members and it has been awesome to stay connected and make each other laugh throughout the day and if you are a member and you want to be added to the private chat message my team at hello at Angela. Pugh DOT COM. It's hello at Angela. Pugh DOT COM. Just give us the heads up..

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