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Happens for a reason and politics but our president as the minister added is leading sometimes you have to let your opponents not loose on their own just like in football when you're throwing a pass at the five yard line and you have two minutes to go in your power to get the ball and run for a touchdown and you lose that's what Joe Biden still want some equity in the voters to have second thoughts and I think at this particular point there a voter revolt is due to happen in November in fact I think the president makes it clear that its current opponents and those in the Democratic Party in the major cities of fumbled completely and I think that's one of the politics with why they are going after Obama and Biden was soliciting case why Attorney General Barr mentioned it that way Richard all I know is that Joe Biden has certainly not impressed anybody about what he would do about the corona virus pandemic and his poll numbers as far as trustworthiness when it comes to dealing with the corona virus pandemic are actually lower than those of president trump here is Joe Biden at a virtual event we're going to create a new bio based multi fracturing molding manufacturing jobs or environment to deal farmers in on the benefits of a changing economy where do I sign and when the late night comics began mocking Joe Biden that's when you know something's going on listen to this Joe Biden apparently come up with and with a nickname for president trump I told you for three years it amazes me that the Democrats have not come up with some sort of nickname for president trump he gives everybody else nicknames sleepy Joe crooked Hillary lion Ted on and on and on little Marco and nobody's come up with a name for him except except pencil neck except Joe Biden has and here's what Seth Meyers said about Joe Biden's nickname for president trump Burma's president Joe Biden held a virtual campaign event on Monday with the Asian americana and Pacific islanders victory fund and said that his nickname president trump president tweeting because of his affinity for sending tweets so we take you live now to president trump's resignation speech was that okay not resigning one because it's a sibling nickname family because of

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