Pirate Myths and Mysteries


And for the next week or so. I will be focusing on tyrus during the Golden Age from sixteen fifty to about seventeen thirty and in my ongoing research for these podcasts. I have had a few surprises one. Pirates DID BURIED TREASURE TO PIRATES. Made MAPS FOR THOSE TREASURE. I will be producing evidence of this also. Pirates did make other pirates and English Spanish ship captains walk the plank pick up any book on the Golden Age Pirates. Sixteen fifty to seventeen thirty and it would have you believe that they sailed the Atlantic but in fact when the English began actively pursuing what they call privateers and hanging entire crews many fled attempting to sail around Cape Horn. The southernmost tip of South America but few survived where the Atlantic and Pacific collided strong winds large waves unpredictable current and icebergs challenge every vessel. Pirates formed egalitarian. Orders based on elected officials and mutual trust. They did make some crews of captured vessels walk the plank in eighteen twenty two captain of the British ship. Rudd poll was made to walk the plank when his ship was captured by the pirate ship. Emmanuel before turning himself in Captain Kidd buried his treasure somewhere on long island also around area will discuss Madagascar. He was hanged for piracy in London before it could retrieve it for two hundred years. Fifteen sixty five to eighteen fifteen. The Spanish Treasury Cross Pacific from Alka Poco laden with gold and silver had been caravan across the isthmus there from there. They sailed to new Spain at the time Manila unchallenged until sixteen ninety nine. It was late in that year. That the five masted pirate ship made the run around Cape Hope captain by check Berryman. The Spanish treasure galleon left behind by the rest of the Spanish fleet was just ten days out of port of Al Capone sailing. Lazy five knots for Manila when they were intercepted by another vessel when the peach pulled within five hundred yards of the Galleon and unfurled the Jolly Roger and fired. Twenty two cannon on the heavily Laden. Gallia well that was all it took without hesitation. Captain Fernandez de the Tinian unloaded his sixteen cannons in response and beat a hasty retreat up the coast of North America. No Vashem's speed for the gold. Silver she carried the San. Jose couldn't lose the peach. A Jose carried eighty pounds of gold twenty-six tons of unkown silver and four hundred thousand pesos. For ten days with a damaged rudder Santellien led the peach on a wild chase up. The coast of North America finally anchoring off a rugged coast the captain of peach saw his chance sailed to within a hundred yards the guy and for best effect of short range cannons and let fire twenty two guns in a final show of defiance. The San Jose unleashed her sixteen cannons. And by chance hit the powder storage of the each flowing. This ship to splitters but it was too late for the San Jose sinking by the Stern. Captain gathered the ship's log and perched on the bow made his final entry dated January. Seventeen O one. Half of his crew sixty were lost in the final battle. The remains managed to wrath from the decade paddle to the surging forty degree water toward shore with the sun high overhead. The Sea retreated leaving the San Jose on Solid C. Four on her starboard side the raft high and Dry Captain. Sotoudeh crossed himself as he watched one hundred foot. Waves sweep in from the ocean. The final entry in the log. Read Longitude Forty five five sixteen degrees north latitude one twenty three ninety one and ninety four degrees west with a slight adjustment of just a couple degrees the final resting place of that treasures. Scallions San Jose is just off the Oregon coast off the little town of Nice. Colin perhaps a mile out from the famed ghost forest. You see the last great cascade. Subduction zone earthquake occurred early in January. Seventeen O one. The famous Oregon Ghost florist was once a Sitka. Spruce forest dropped twenty five feet during that quake justice shifting place of pushed. What's left of that forced to the surface? A fascinating side at low tide. Perhaps in a few years if the place continued shift the remains of the treasure. Galleon San Jose may appear on that same

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