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Come back to circling through keep two special guest is Douglas Horne chief architect of telos and founder of good block walking back Douglas Hey thanks so Douglas here's a question for you because people are still getting use the blockchain and understand these differences in that there's a lot of blockchains that I've kind of come and gone and failed what makes telos different than other blockchains I actually love that question Keith because it's true there's something over the over five thousand blockchains the world isn't probably need five thousand blockchains especially right now so unless you have a special S. that that you know no one else could you know is really serving then then what's the point right and and so yes tell us is actually derived around some really great technology features that just don't exist anywhere else at this point so we're we're leading technology there we talked a little bit earlier about how we have we have very high capacity that with the record on the on the cycle collectivity dot info with the second highest record of any blockchain for the most transactions were formed in twenty four hours and that's not an anomaly we're we're consistently there and and we also very fast where where have second transaction times and and there's no transaction fees for each singled transaction you or actually do like on a H. and chain like so those alone are well aligned for mass adoption right the you you there there it's it's fast it works in the speed of the internet is people expect so those are good features and I think any any chain looking to do something important on a world scale I need to have those but what we did what we felt is we've we've realized that among other things governance is very hard right corporate governance local governance all kinds of coverage we're seeing all kinds of breakdowns right now in in in how government works and the participate the participatory nature of governance governance these days is also breaking down due to apathy which comes from people you know largely not really believing that their role is important so one of the reasons for that is that our tools of government our our week right and so tell us built an entirely new set of government governance tools on on our chain and and what's called telos deciding what this allows people to do is to come together and and for any purpose tell us actually means purpose in Greek and in the end your startle was noted as saying that the telos of acorn is becoming oak tree right it's a it's the purpose is the ultimate purpose meeting people have purpose we think that social media has largely failed as a way for people to organize themselves and to and to do more than just like six so we built a bunch of boating tools that that people can use that decentralized trustless nature of blockchain to create groups to do a lot of things right so that could be that could be groups that are you know they could be groups like a homeowners association right where where that's basically anyone's part of Homer's satiation that's basically a failed structure where people are trying to keep up rules around their homes but if you want to actually have some kind of meeting you know every once in awhile you get to eat something in the mail and it says please please please please please come to the senior center and or give someone your proxy because otherwise we'll have a quorum and but you know and and and that that voting just doesn't work because it's not easy and it's not convenient we bought a whole set of tools called Telesis I'd that lets any kind of group quickly and easily create a create a voting group and a committee and for creating committees committee management's everything's handled by smart contracts so it can allocate funds completely transparent I think that's a set of tools it's really been lacking so so we're seeing a lot of Dobson around those excellent thanks for that answer so that's really good review with tolls can do in some it leads to another question I have especially as we're coming up in this is more of a hypothetical what if we're coming up to a major election here United States how could a blockchain like telos be used for voting in that situation yeah well it it it could be actually so there's so I don't think it's gonna be and I don't think anything is going to give me a doctor before this current presidential election cycle but what I do think is that likely to happen is that you know cracks in in the system that we are already seeing even in the primaries are going to show the the need to finally move to a better system so we do most of the vote voting we do is transparent meat so it works great for any kind of company it works great for any kind of you know water district or or homeowners association or anything like that we're transparent voting is is good in fact you know more value right for national elections you need to have you need to have secret ballot voting which tell us this I do not currently do but but we're already leading in voting and amongst any blockchain projects and and so are our court as we have our own team core developers who are actually working very hard on that project so I think that by the time people are are clamoring for it in in how late November I think we're gonna be ready to to approach that that problem that's that's something that my company good block itself is working on in conjunction with telus I mean they're different groups goodbye doesn't own tell us nobody does it's decentralized but we do good bye because a lot of of work the core development work for for the chain and proposes features and things like that so what yeah I think I think it's a bursting topic because yeah I don't expect anything to happen for this election cycle but I think whatever the result is whatever party people or with that whatever happens with this coming election more more people are going to want or demand some type of trusted or sh watches a trustless voting so that they can make sure of their vote is counted and I think you know like I said it's non partisan because both sides want to make sure that their votes are counted and I think that that's where a lot of interest will happen on solutions that Michael blockchain words an immutable ledger where you can prove that whatever occurred did actually occur yeah absolutely I I have I will make no predictions publicly about what may or may not happen but I I think one thing is pretty sure it's gonna be interesting right like like in that in that curse may you live in interesting times I think it's gonna be that kind of interesting with the outcome and and you're right yeah the there's gonna be a lot of demand for a better system you know which honestly we we've been having for the last more you know several action cycles but I guess he just needs to get bad enough that that that somebody does something about it or maybe there needs to be the technology that never really existed before to do this so I think we're we may be at that that happy nexus of having the the present the appropriate level of outrage and also finally having a tool set that's like tells the site or something similar that actually allows that decentralized trustless voting so that people can really get behind yeah I mean I think with the pandemic with the uncertain certainty how people vote in and right now we're all voting as we normally would either sure if the polls are doing absentee ballots people are very curious and unlike you I don't want to make a prediction but whatever way the lection goes they'll be a group of people are unhappy and we pushing for change so yeah I I think the weather where we have the whenever it goes will be will be a lot of people that are on it but it's very likely that you will see most like fifty percent so so I know we're running out of time on this segment but I do want to talk about tellers and good block in the way should ship to yes I what would we learn the last two years so don't go away we're listening to soak about insider a special guest that was Horton chief architect of telos and the founder of good block word giving overview of what blockchain is how can we use for the voting and other use cases and also talking about what's up next so

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