China Abandons Growth Target for Year as Coronavirus Disrupts Economy


Knees on the economy the premier addressing the opening of the national people's Congress declared the government had cheated decisive victory against the crime virus outbreak in the country had shown great resilience but a break with tradition try to abandon setting an annual growth target for twenty twenty recognizing the difficulties in restarting its economy amid a pandemic premier league can claim who is the second ranked in the Communist Party hierarchy behind G. made his speech nearly three thousand Congress delegates wore masks as they said neat rows in the on a great hall of the people in place how blunt the impact of the slowdown with what with goals to limit inflation and unemployment is at channel face challenges like never before however we have unique political and institutional strength is strong economic foundation enormous market potential and hundreds of millions of intelligent and hardworking people horizons for trident China's developments are full of promise the Congress outlined the party's plans disclosed in a surprise move Thursday night for new laws in Hong Kong to prevent and punish the session so version in foreign infiltration and his blame for fuelling unrest in the city the legislation would also allow the maintenance of your security agencies to set up their operations publicly in Hong Kong for the first time so now the Chinese politburo will be running Hong Kong security which means basically they're now going to imprison or kill anybody who opposes China's role in

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