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8 weeks after the CARES Act how are we doing?


Eight weeks ago today the cares act was passed trillions of dollars in that the Federal Reserve as we know Katherine has plowed its own trillions. In two months later do you think well it still looks like it's GonNa get worse before it gets better. Unfortunately the obviously there's been a lot of firepower aimed at the economy Monetary and fiscal at this point but the number suggests that unemployment is still going up for example And there could be another sort of knock on effect that we could imagine happening quite soon which is state and local governments facing fiscal crises. At this point and they've already laid off almost a million workers last month and with their new fiscal year. Coming up as you could imagine more cuts which we saw on the aftermath of the great recession and prolonged the the amount of time. It took to recover from that so you might see that happening again right. And we will feel that obviously and local school districts and all of that stuff down the line so deep What your two cents on. How we're doing here. It feels to a lot of people like this was a the wave and we went to the bottom of the wave. Now we're GONNA come back from it and there's a perception out there that ono there could be a second way of our third wave. And what does that feel like when in reality what we're going to probably see our fifty different states with different ways all with their own roller coaster going up and down for months. Maybe even the next year and that is going to be really dizzying for everybody. Because we're used to thinking that everybody in America's GonNa come out of something together and we're GonNa see this shoot up and outside of the stock market you're not seeing that you're seeing You're seeing just like a really really confusing mixed picture across the country.

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