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How to Find Great Marketers During Hard Times | Ep. #1391


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I'm Eric Su and I'm Neil Patel and today we're GonNa talk about how to find great marketers during hard times. It gives some context right now. A lot of people are struggling. A lot of businesses are losing money. Unemployment is through the roof at least in the United States. There's a lot of good marketers. That are out of work. So it's like how do you go find these marketers? How can you get a decent ray especially now when you can't interview in person? Yeah you can use zoom and stuff like that. How do you find them by the way this has been a gold mine for me? I want to come back to you and ask you about the agency side of things. But I'm looking at it from a tax perspective because I'm looking at engineers and I'm looking at sales people right now so there's a website I talked about in the past. I do want to bring it up again. It's layoffs dot. Fyi slash tracker and this has a list of two hundred ninety startups with layoffs and thirty thousand people laid off since March eleven. There's actually lists of these different companies that are laid people off trip. Actions raised a ton of money. Let People Go Casper let twenty one percent of its staff go? Fresh books let nine percent growth petri on thirteen percent lamb. The school laid off a ton of people consensus blockchain company. But I'm just looking at this right now. I'm like men. I'm having my team. God magically laid off a thousand people holy crap does a lot if percent of their stuff so guys. What I'm saying is on what Neil saying to his. When these lists of people pop-up now's your opportunity to look and start getting into conversations with these people I've actually had a couple of conversations with engineers of companies. I look up to salespeople as well so I think now's the time to jump in on it your job. Especially if you're the leader of the company one of your top jobs recruiting so you start looking at this now. This is worth its weight in gold. Oh One way that I find really talented marketers and this is kind of like a really backwards technique that most people do not use a go to all the popular blogs. And I'm looking at WHO's commenting and his asking questions and then I go look to see who's responding because most of the blog owners don't respond and when you see the community chime in and and people giving really targeted feedback on how to fix the problem and they're helping people out and I do the same with farms and looking at the people who are helping others how to fix the problem. Eight tells me these people know what they're talking about be. They're problem solvers see. They're very proactive. Because no one's telling them you have to go and help other people going and doing it so when you have work. I found these people. They know what they're doing. They're very proactive. And they get shit done on their own without you. Having to micromanage. I've loved finding people from that strategy and I've been doing that for years but I don't think really anyone or not to me. Other people are doing that. I don't know if you need to watching this right now. But GAETANO. Who's a good friend? He's a VP of demand. Gen At next diva. He wrote a blog post years and years ago and I thought the block Bosa so good so typically some of the best marketers like guy tunnels out there. There's Chris von Wilbert they're riding a lot and so when you reach out to them I actually commissioned him to do a ten series blog posts like a million back links or whatever lump story short he did well for us and that need was actually looking for someone to lead that the markings of thanks and so you know his name naturally came up so I think if you're looking for a job as a market right now you do stuff like that that stands out and data these opportunities just kind of fall into your lap and on the other side. If you're looking to hardee's people you look for people that right great content and you see if you can somehow hire them. Yeah so us. All these strategies pick one the one thing I do know that doesn't work well as just going on linked in hidden people saying do you. WanNa work for me if you WANNA take that approach. You're better off saying hey I noticed you have these skills. Were looking for someone like you. Do you know anyone who's a good fit? That will get you better results than heading. The person up directly on link saying come work for me all right so that is it for today. Go to marketing school. The I o slash school. If you WANNA learn about the education program Niemeyer Nyerere putting together it is wait lists and that being said stay safe and we will see you tomorrow. We appreciate you joining us for this session of Marketing School. Be Sure.

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