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Why China’s Move to Rein In Hong Kong Is Just the Start


China's move to exert greater control over the semi independent city of Hong Kong caused more turmoil over the weekend does protesters to fide social distancing rules and clashed with police who fired tear gas and a water cannon arresting at least one hundred eighty people critics of. Beijing's move to impose a national security law on Hong Kong. Say that it is an attempt to stifle descent putting an end. The city's independence. The White House said yesterday that China will likely face sanctions for its actions in Hong Kong. So admiral the China is becoming more aggressive by day. Fairly remarkable if you look at it just in recent history that they are responsible for the unleashing of a pandemic that has wrecked the world. Economy killed So many people. We don't know where that death count is going to end up and instead of being back on their heels or working aggressively for a vaccine or are reaching out to the world community. They are actually Acting more aggressive whether it's toward Hong Kong toward Vietnam or even in the concentration camps inside their country what what is going on what. How is the United States failed in its response to Shave Power? And why in the world can we do moving forward? Let's start with the premise. Here let's go back to twenty one thousand nine hundred twenty nineteen teams like a long time ago. We already had a rich basket of disagreement. China South China Sea huge body of water. China claims it in its entirety. Five G. The network controversy as you mentioned the territorial disputes around the edges of the South China Sea with Vietnam the Philippines Taiwan additional pressure on them trade and tear disputes. So we have this very rich. Unfortunately basket of disagreement. Now you drop a nuclear bomb in the middle of that which is called Kobe. Nineteen irresponsibility of the regime in allowing that to get into the wild so to speak. And so you really have this witches brew of relationships and Newsflash. It's occurring during an election year in the United States in which the trump administration predictably is going to maximize the ability to use China. Like opinion OUGHTA and beat it for electoral advantage. So terrible fact pattern. At the moment I think the real question you nailed it show is. What do we do about it? And I'll tell you three things very quickly. I we need a strategy that means not just episodic responses but thinking about diplomacy economics military deterrence bringing that Inter Agency sensibility to the challenges of China. Secondly even more important. We need international coalition. That's all of our allies. In the Pacific and many Japan South Korea Australia New Zealand Malaysia Singapore Thailand be at Phnom Increasingly. We need to internationalize the response to China and that includes the response to co did in third and finally we need to recognize. We've got a bend this relationship with China. We've got to change the terms of it. But we don't want to break it. I E get ourselves stumbling into a Cold War. It's going to be complicated and from now to November is going to be a very difficult stretch water. Well as you talk about. Strategy the United States needs to develop a long-term strategy. We just need to start by having a coherent message to send to the Chinese. We've been so erotic if you look at the president's fawning praise of President Shea and of course we always talk about what he said on January twenty four th when he thanked president she for his transparency and all the great work China was doing. That was a bizarre tweet to send out at the time. This is also the same president. Who who saluted she for consolidating power in the past has more power than anybody since Chairman Mao in that country? But you have that fawning praise one moment Max moment you have a continuation of these erratic trade skirmishes where the president doesn't have an overall strategy and then follow that up with occasional master tweets and insults toward the people of China just because seems to be checking that off his list for the campaign. It's really hard to figure out where Donald Trump stands when it comes to China because any any attack of China any critique of China is usually followed up by the president talking about what a wonderful leader Person President Xi is exactly and reference our earlier conversation. What do you want leaders to do? You want them to bring order. Out of the chaos. He want them to have a plan. You want them to communicate in steady waves and what we don't want to do with China is treated like an on and off switch on the wall that we turn on. Oh we love China. Then we turn it off ups. We're going to get into a war with China. We've got a dial it in. It's like estate like the dimmer on the wall. In your dining room we have got to be able to have a coherent strategy. That is steady and finds balance not this jagged on and off. Switch all the time and again. I'll close on this Henry Kissinger said late last year that we were in the foothills of a Cold War I think we are continuing to ascend that mountain. It is a mistake for both nations. We need to confront where we must when the behavior warrants but we ought to try and find ways to cooperate where we can confront where we must cooperate where we can build a strategy Admiral Stavridis. Thank you very much for coming on this morning

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