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If you love sneakers and the Grateful Dead but he's got something for you


No it's been pretty ugly today mac and it's going to stay that they're the ugly you through this evening with support rounds of rain most of it light but a down pour in at some places so well watch out for some standing water on the roads and bloody poor drainage areas once we get the rain out of the area will see it remain breezy and cool tonight with lingering clouds will be fifty two would be down at the door we get some improvements it'll stay cool but clouds will break for some sun I will be sixty five tomorrow and coastal areas may be staying in the fifties monitored mostly cloudy again with the one fifty for detail and moral day starts out with some clouds but again we'll see a break for some sun in the afternoon it will be a little warmer still around the seventy for the high in the inland areas for Memorial Day but coastal areas to stay closer to sixty does get even warmer starting Tuesday sixty seven amid tell now we have cloudy skies scattering of rain around the area and again dropping up to fifty two was to dry out tonight thank you Matt thank you for W. CBS news time for ten

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If you love sneakers and the Grateful Dead but he's got something for you

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